The best funkos of historical figures

Whether because of its importance in popular culture or in the events that have shaped our world, Funko has released several lines and dolls of historical figures.

Among them, those dedicated to American politics stand out. In various series, he has portrayed characters like Kennedy or even Bernie Sanders, because he has made dolls based on recent presidential campaigns.

However, the United States is not the whole world, even if it seems like it to them sometimes, so Funko It has also produced dolls that immortalize other historical figures, such as painters, singers, writers and scientists..

For this reason, we have made a selection of the best that you can get your hands on, classified to make it easier for you.

And we start with two that I especially like.

historical famous artists

Funko has honored two of the most important artists of humanity and deserve to be placed first.

Leonardo da Vinci

In addition to naming a ninja turtle, undoubtedly his greatest achievement, Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most relevant painters, inventors and artists of history At the very least, it deserved a funko and the truth is that it’s pretty cool.

Vincent van Gogh

The painter of some of the best-known (and most expensive) paintings in history he died poor, crazy and without having sold a paintingexcept his brother-in-law.

But at least he has a funko and which is probably the best episode of Doctor Who.

characters american history

american history funkos

American history can be rewritten with funkos if you want. Various series have accounted for some of the most important characters in the United States, and even some of its most relevant moments as a country.

Therefore, if you are fond of everything American or you especially like it, you can get hold of…

George Washington

The first president, the general who led his nation towards Independence and the face of the 1 dollar bills has a funko, of course. In fact, more than one.

Delaware River Crossing Funko

One of the most important battles of the American War of Independence was that of Trenton. to get to her, Washington and 2,500 of his troops crossed the Delaware River.

And funko has portrayed that historical moment in a collector’s scene, because it’s not something they do often, with Washington back on the bow of the boat

Abraham Lincoln

The president who won the civil war and was killed in the theater also has funko. The honest abe, liberator of the slaves, is well portrayed with his eternal mourning and his top hat.

Benjamin Franklin

Another of the founding fathers of the united states He has also been immortalized, with his typical kite with which he demonstrated the electrical nature of lightning.

donald trump

Yes, Kennedy, Carter or Reagan are presidents of the United States who have funko. But for a historical character, and a character in every way, former president Donald Trump.

We include it because we know that you want it close by and that it be the first thing you see when you wake up.

famous writers in history

funkos writers

Some of the most common historical figures within the lines of real people that funko makes are writers. For this reason, it is worth getting hold of some who have made history… or will.

Edgar Allan Poe

The author of works like The Raven let a legacy that would forever influence mystery and horror literature. With a skull in your hand and his unmistakable face, you can get the Poe funko and inspire a few nightmares.

George R.R. Martin

How could we not select it in El Output.

Of course, he is going to go down in history, although we hope that not because he leaves his story unfinished. Now you can get the funko of the writer of Game of Thrones and use it as a voodoo doll, prodding it to see if it starts writing at once.

Stephen King

The one who has no problem writing one book after another is Stephen King, without a doubt, the best known horror writer of all time, With Lovecraft’s permission.

Living history of literature and immortalized forever in this funko. There’s a bloody version too, though much harder to find.

Other historical figures

modern history funkos

The truth is, in addition to politicians, writers, and textbook characters, Funko has also portrayed protagonists of modern history that have had a major impact on it.

And we want to highlight these.

Elvis Presley

The King has funko, in fact, several. But one of the ones that you can find more easily, if you are a fan of his music, is this one in which he is dressed as in his legendary interpretation of jail rock.

Marilyn Monroe

The blonde ambition had a tragic fate and, before that, became immortal thanks to his films and influence on many generations.

This funko of Marilyn Monroe portrays her in one of her most mythical scenes, the one with the skirt in the film: Temptation lives above

Freddy Mercury

The leader of Queen is music history and, of course, he deserved a funko.

In fact, it has several and they are not usually easy to find. We recommend this one in which he is dressed with his legendary white tank top, during his performance at the macro-concert Live Aid from 1985.

Albert Einstein

What can we say about the most famous scientist in history? That you know you are when funko decides to sculpt you for posterity.

With a blackboard detailing the most famous and misunderstood formula in science, has undoubtedly captured the dark circles he had to have to get it out.

As you can see, not only superheroes and fiction lives funko. If you are a fan of the story or some of the characters who wrote it, with this selection of funkos you can recreate it at your whim.

This article contains affiliate links. The Output might receive a small commission if you buy something here, however, neither Donald Trump nor anyone else has influenced the list, which has been selected to portray some of the most important people in history on merit (or demerits) own.

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