The best Garmin watches are on sale at Amazon

Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro Offer

Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro Solar

Today Amazon has left us among its thousands of offers a 26% discount in two of the most complete Garmin watches that we can find right now on the market. It is about the phoenix 6 PRO Y phoenix 6 6X PRO, two models with spectacular finishes that hide all kinds of functions with which to monitor workouts, plan hiking routes and listen to music.

The phoenix 6X PRO It is the largest model in the entire range of Garmin smartwatches, basically because it has a 51-millimeter fiber-reinforced polymer case and mounts a 1.40 inch screen (280 x 280 pixels). It is a light and resistant model, and beyond the size, it does not offer anything more different compared to its brother, the Fénix 6 PRO, the other model on offer.

Garmin Fénix 6 PRO on sale

Garmin Fenix ​​6 PRO

In your case, mount a 1.30 inch screen (260 x 260 pixels), and its case is 47 millimeters. The technical specifications are similar to the 6X PRO, so we will find a Gorilla Glass DX glass to protect the screen, stainless steel bezel and GPS with which to be able to orient ourselves on the maps that arrive installed by default.

Regarding health, they include a large number of monitoring and alert systems with which to maintain control of physical activity and obtain values ​​such as constant heart rate every second, blood oxygen saturation, stress monitor, blood pressure monitoring. sleep, hydration and monitoring of female health among many other functions.

You will not get lost in the mountain

One of the most striking functions of these smartwatches and that have convinced many users who love mountain routes is that it has pre-installed TopoActive maps of Europe, so you can contemplate the topography of the place where you are at all times, being able to do stages of trail running or simply walks with total precision.

A watch to always wear

The great advantage is that the design of these Garmin Fénix 6 is that its design is very attractive, serving both for moments when doing sports and for wearing it to go out. In addition, it has the Garmin Pay payment system, so you can make contactless payments simply by bringing the watch closer to the payment terminal.

In short, they are high-quality smartwatches that go beyond the norm of all models on the market that want to go beyond the Apple Watch. Compatible with iOS and Android, they are an extremely interesting option to take into account that with offers like the ones they present today, they become more than recommended models.

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