The best HBO Max series according to critics

The best HBO Max series

As we say, the selection that we have brought today is, exclusively, a list of all those that have the best ratings on IMDB. In the case of the website owned by Amazon, remember that this data is obtained from the thousands of votes of users who go through its pages daily, so it is not a classification subject to the criteria of those typical critics who seem to always go in the opposite direction to what everyone considers, and who seem to give their opinion based on what it will seem to that dough of which we are all a part. Moreover, it has the advantage that it does not receive bombing reviews unlike others, nor is it influenced by the fanaticism of the opposing sides when it comes to to kill to one platform to save another.

Still, just because there is a show on IMDB that has an 8 or 9 doesn’t mean we’re going to necessarily like it. We each have our own tastes and perceptions of reality, so the same you go in the opposite direction of what the majority has expressed in what is, right now, the most important reference website for movies, series and audiovisual content in the world.

And it is that if an actor, a director, a screenwriter, a musician, a movie or a series is not on IMDB… it does not exist! These are the HBO Max’s top rated series on IMDB (ordered alphabetically).

two meters below ground

One of those series where you can’t stop crying. In this production they tell us the misfortunes of a family that loses the father in a car accident and each member has their own inner demons that cause the fragile balance of the family to be broken. She will mark you and, surely, you will see yourself reflected in some of the situations that she teaches us.


A miniseries that was very successful in the year of its launch, back in 2019. It has few chapters but explains with exceptional drama the background, development and consequences of the terrible accident that took place in 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The series reignited interest in this historic event and is as raw as it is human. Mandatory viewing.

blood brothers

A highly recommended series for lovers of the war genre that has been behind it for more than 20 years. Released in 2001, the aspect that stands out the most is that it tells us about the adventures of a battalion that fought during World War II, and its production quality looks like something out of a high-budget movie. So much so that behind it is Steven Spielberg with Dreamworks, which was launched to produce this fiction after the success of Saving Private Ryan. It only has one season with 10 episodes, but it is very much worth revisiting it so much later.

It’s a Sin

Series that tells us about the lives of young people who move to London in the 1980s ready to take on the world. However, you will realize that sexually transmitted diseases are an enemy to be reckoned with. Hard but sobering fiction that touches on one of the most tragic social problems of the last 40 years around a disease like AIDS.

Game of Thrones

Speaking of heavyweights, we are facing the greatest series on a scale never made. We move to a medieval kingdom where we will find betrayals, alliances between monarchs, an ancient threat that is approaching and countless more enemies to face. This series could easily be placed on a par with great audiovisual epics such as The Lord of the rings either starwars in terms of the legions of fans he has been able to create.

The Sopranos

It is probably the mafioso series par excellence, the one that started this serial fever in which we currently live. A master class on how to make a television series, has left us some of the most remembered characters in the entire history of the medium. Or don’t you remember Tony Soprano?, a mobster who will have to learn to reconcile his criminal empire with family life.


This series from the creator of the powerpuff girls plunges us into an alternative past in which humans and dinosaurs coexisted in a way that we cannot define as friendly. Raw, violent and with spectacular animation, it is one of those hidden gems that deserves to be more recognized and that is not exactly for children.

rick and morty

Another series that has been on everyone’s lips since its premiere in 2013. In this program we will accompany Rick and Morty, a pair of dimensional adventurers in their numerous misadventures through space and time. With an irreverent and corrosive humor, and a surprisingly emotional story, he leaves us with one of the best animated series of the century so far.


One of those series that you have to watch at least once in your life. In it we will immerse ourselves in a police investigation of narcotics in the city of Baltimore, with the novelty that we will see both the point of view of the agents and that of the criminals. This program is commonly placed in the tops of the best series not only on HBO Max, but in the entire history of television. Of course, the dubbing in Spanish is a real disaster.

True Detective

One of the most recognized series of recent years. Semi-anthological production, since each season is starred by totally different actors and where investigate some of the most horrific crimes that have been seen on television. Surely, a good part of the rating it has on IMDB is due to the first installment of episodes with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as protagonists.

What is the order of these series by quality?

Counted the synopsis of each one, now we leave you the list of truth, the one that decides what is the best HBO Max series according to the scores that IMDb Post it on your official page. And it is the following:

  • Two meters below ground: 8.7
  • Primary: 8.7
  • True Detective: 8.9
  • It’s a Sin: 8.9
  • The Sopranos: 9.2
  • Rick and Morty: 9.2
  • Game of Thrones: 9.3
  • The Wire: 9.3
  • Chernobyl: 9.4
  • Blood brothers: 9.4

Do you agree with the order? do you miss any title?

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