The best headphones with a USB-C connection you can buy

So if you are thinking of joining the cable trend, here are the best headphones with a USB-C connection. To do this, we have divided the options in terms of design (in-ear or traditional headband) and, within each section, we have selected the best option for the most common cases.

Best USB-C in-ear headphones

USB-C in-ear headphones

If you want the best sound, but also be discreet and that you can keep your headphones in your pocket when you are not using them, the option is to choose designer ones in-ear. That is to say, the little ones that are inserted into the ear, helping to avoid external noise.

We have a ton of options to choose from, so let’s look at the best ones for certain common cases.

1. Google Pixel USB ‑ C headphones, the best value for money in in-ear models

Pixel Buds usb-C headphonesFor 35 euros, Google brings us some very comfortable headphones with a white design reminiscent of Apple. It’s rare to see this level of well-known brand speakers for this price, so they are a great opportunity and our recommendation for most cases.

Its USB-C connection provides us with the advantages that we have already mentioned and, above all, they will shine if you have a Google Pixel phone.

With the Assistant built-in, can do fancy stuff how to carry out a practically simultaneous translation. By pressing its black button to activate the assistant, and telling it to help you speak English, you will be able to communicate in another language.

For those without Pixel phones, they are still a great option for their sound quality, very good in that price range.

You can find them in the official Google store.

2. Samsung ANC EO-IC500, quality and noise cancellation

If you have enough budget and want to go further, the Samsung ANC EO-IC500 are an excellent option in-ear. Bring Noise Cancellation and impeccable sound quality.

They are around 135 euros, yes. However, they are very comfortable and come with a good number of adapters for any type of ear, so that you can also use it for sports without fear of falling off.

3. AKG USB-C Black headphones, the economical choice

If you don’t want to spend so much, you can find the AKG USB-C for less than 20 euros, which give you good sound quality, again with the Samsung warranty.

Ideal for music and calls, they are without a doubt the best option to start if you do not want to invest a lot of money.

Best Design USB-C Headphones in Traditional HeadbandUSB-C Headband Headphones

If you don’t like to have something in your ear, headphones are a fashionable accessory for you or you have always been a classic music lover, then we recommend Traditional USB-C headphones that fit with a headband to the head.

The truth is that the design isolates a little better as standard (whether they have noise cancellation or not) and give a greater feeling of being safe from discomfort, whether you are working or out there.

These are the best headband USB-C headphones that we recommend.

1. Asus ROG Delta, best USB-C headphones for Gamers

If you’re gamer, latency is your enemy. That microsecond of delay is the difference between victory and defeat, so you don’t want potential lags or a slow connection at the worst time.

If you do not want that in the sound either when it comes to feeling immersed in your favorite game, the USB-C headphones for gaming that we recommend are the Asus ROG Delta.

Its aesthetic is very gaming, which can be a point for or against, depending on whether you like it or it produces a certain rejection. Be that as it may, its sound quality is very good. Of course, you must have about 140 euros in your pocket to buy them.

2. Sennheiser SC 160, off-road USB-C headphones

If you want an option that helps you listen to music, play games and telecommute comfortably, the Sennheiser SC 160 are a good option. for about 50 euros approximately.

They are not the most stylish, we are not going to fool you, but the noise cancellation of its microphone will make you heard loud and clear in conversations. Also, the sound quality they bring is good in that price range.

If you are not going to go out with them, it is the ideal option for all budgets.

3. Sennheiser Momentum 3, the best of all worlds

If you have more money available and want a impeccable sound plus active noise cancellationwe recommend that you take a look at the Sennheiser Momentum 3.

For a price that is between 259 and 269 euros, you can have them.

One of its strengths, in addition to the sound quality that the Sennheiser brand always brings to the table, is its versatility. You can enjoy these headphones completely wirelessly or with a USB-C cable.

Also, while listening to your music with this last type of cable, you will be charging the headphones in case, at some point, you want to get rid of it and feel more comfortable.

As you can see, options are not lacking, but remember that, if you want to use your favorite wired headphones, but they have taken away the Jack to your phone, don’t worry, there is a solution. You always have the option to buy traditional 3.5mm to USB-C connection adapters.

They are cheap and that opens up a whole new range of options, where you will find many more headphones in all price ranges and objectives, either gaming, music or work.

And if you don’t want fixes, but rather native USB-C wired headphones, you won’t go wrong with the recommendations we’ve given you.

This post includes affiliate links and The Output could receive a commission for them. Even so, the decision to include them has been made freely, by editorial criteria and without responding to any type of request by the aforementioned brands.

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