The best helmets for PS5, slightly reduced for a limited time

A range only for PS5

The fact is that Sony made official last year a new range of accessories specially designed for PS5 that had to do with monitors. gaming and headsets. A range called INZONE and that is now in the news because you have them a tad reduced for use them during our endless hours connected online together with colleagues.

It goes without saying that in recent years consoles have been transformed, no longer into a place where we go to enjoy the best video games but, practically, a communication center where we meet friends, we talk about everything and hang out watching what others do. And to obtain the best possible experience it is mandatory to have good headphones with their corresponding microphone.

Now, You have the two highest models of the INZONE range slightly reduced price and on Amazon. A reduction that is not as beastly as in other cases but that could bring you a little closer to headphones that are perfect for use with your brand new PS5.

Sound quality during the game

As we tell you, the two highest models in the range have been placed at a somewhat lower price for a limited time, so we are going to take advantage. In the case of INZONE H9, we are talking about the top of the range from Sony, featuring a console-inspired design next-gen from the Japanese with those big white earphones in each ear and a tilting boom type microphone. We can connect them to PS5 via Bluetooth, even on the mobile to make and receive calls. They have active noise cancellation, 32 hours of autonomy of use after a charge cycle and, best of all, boasts 360º spatial sound. Imagine what it is like to use them with any of the games that we have exclusive within the PlayStation ecosystem.

Its usual price is 299.99 euros but now you have it for 292.99. A sensible discount, but it’s always better than nothing, right?

On the other hand we have the INZONE H7 model that are also wireless, a design practically modeled on the H9, 40 hours of battery life, also a boom-type microphone, Bluetooth connectivity compatible with PC, PS5 and mobile devices, 360º spatial sound and up to 40 hours of battery life. In this case, the reduction is somewhat more sensitive and they remain at 224 euros compared to the 229.99 that they have been costing.

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