The best hotas on the market for flight simulators

In the same way that playing a racing game is not the same to do it with a control pad than with a good steering wheel, do not get on the plane in Flight Simulator without your hotas or flight stick to go around the world from the air. In the most comfortable way possible, from home and enjoying a graphic quality that brings out the best from the first to the last clock cycle of our PC.

Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS, the most complete pack

This kit is made up of three different pieces, which make it a very complete kit to play Flight Simulator from our PC, which we can also buy separately, but like everything Thrustmaster makes, this package has a great synergy as far as its peripherals are concerned, in the same way that it happens with its steering wheels.

The pack not only includes the Hotas, but also some pedals and Throttle, which serve to increase immersion and are peripherals that complement the main lever. They are the equivalent, therefore, to the pedals and gear lever of a steering wheel for racing games. Although it is true that we can run only with the steering wheel, the experience is not complete without having the whole set.

Logitech G Saitek X52, possibly the best hotas around

As in the world of steering wheels for driving simulators, in the world of Hotas we could not miss Logitech, which with its Saitek X52 offers us an excellent lever for flight simulators. By the way, Saitek is the name of a veteran brand in this world that ended up being acquired by the Swiss peripheral company.


The best thing about this Hotas is the number of input combinations that can be made, more than 280 in total and with three variants each. The Thrustmaster T.16000 comes very close, but the Logitech model reinforces with more of them on the main lever, while the Thrustmaster Hotas leaves more weight on the Throttle. The only bad point that we see? Its mouse function is below par, so for browsing Windows with the Saitek X52 it’s not something we recommend. Although, who uses a flight simulator joystick instead of a mouse to navigate Windows windows?

Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha

An alternative to using a conventional lever is the use of what we call a Yoke, which in its shape is very reminiscent of a steering wheel and there is a reason to go for them. And it is that the vast majority of aircraft cabins that are simulated in the Microsoft application use this type of control. Especially the classic planes of commercial airlines. So if you prefer to have a completely different Hotas and more similar to the one seen on most of the planes that fly through our skies on a daily basis, then things like the Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha become an excellent option.


You just have to connect it to your PC and it will automatically configure itself for Flight Simulator, without the need to make any changes or worry about a thing. In other words, it comes prepared right out of the box so we can use it for the Microsoft simulator. In any case, whatever option you choose, happy flight.

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