The best jokes of April Fools 2022

Last Friday was April Fools 2022, a day in which it is advisable to be especially careful before any source of information, because as soon as we relax and let our guard down, it is possible that more than one will sneak up on us, and that only when we reach the end, or a few minutes later , reflecting in detail, we realize that we have been victims of a joke. And it is that there are very, very obvious ones, while others are more subtle and, therefore, they can deceive more than one.

You may be wondering what April Fools 2022 is. In this case, you should know that it is a day similar to December 28, Holy Innocents, in Spain, but in the Anglo-Saxon culture. yesand celebrated every year on April 1, and false news and other content is published throughout the day, usually so far-fetched that it is quickly detected. Although there are people who are somewhat reluctant to this type of publication (as we could already see on April Fools’ Day in 2014), as a general rule these jokes are usually accepted with good grace, and start a lot of laughter and jokes around them.

This April Fools 2022 has been quite prolific, we have seen many jokes on social networks and in the media. So, in case you haven’t seen them these days, here are some of the funniest.

Minecraft One block at a time: I look forward to Mojang’s surprise every year, and as I told you on Friday, this April Fools 2022 has not disappointed me at all. A snapshot in which the inventory disappears and, consequently, you can only have one block in your possession. Also, the items have been turned into blocks, so you can’t use them normally either. A real madness.

Twitter’s “edit” button: Possibly one of the most anticipated features of Twitter and, except for a huge surprise, the one that will never come. Waiting for the social network to allow editing of messages once published will not lead to anything good. However, this April Fools 2022, those responsible decided to play with the illusions of users…

Synology FloppyStation, return the floppy: A few days ago I saw, on Twitter, a photo of an anonymous person, who used a walk-man to listen to music. Retro is in fashion, so for this April Fools 2022, Synology decided to jump on the vintage bandwagon and announce, through Twitter, its spectacular mass storage device, with more than 5.75 megabytes of storage capacity and a vertigo transfer speed, almost 115 kbps. Let the PCIe Gen 5 SSDs tremble.

Microsoft buys Glowstick Entertainment: Taking your own limitations with a sense of humor is something that always deserves recognition. And such is the case of the game development studio Glowstick Entertainment, which claimed that it had been acquired by none other than Microsoft, so that they would finally have all the necessary funds to be able to improve and complete their projects. Has anyone in Redmond taken note of the suggestion?

ALDI, love in the hypermarket: The inflation that plagues all of Europe has made going to the supermarket to do the shopping in these times not particularly pleasant. However, what happens if we combine the possibility of making the purchase with the possibility of finding love? That was the proposal of the ALDI USA supermarket chain, which for this April Fools 2022 raised the possibility of turning its app into a flirting platform. With a wonderful peculiarity: the match arises from favorite products. Much worse methods have definitely been seen in the past.

HyperX brings nature closer to you: How many times have you heard that technology takes us away from nature? Hell, if it was even part of the underlying message that, according to some scholars, Tolkien wanted to give with The Lord of the Rings. HyperX, aware of this, found a perfect solution and, with no time to lose, casually announced it on April Fools 2022. And as the company says, it will respond to all those gamers who, from time to time, are attacked with the repetitive message that they are going to play some grass instead of spending so many hours in front of the PC.

Problems with the Duolingo owl? Call the Menchetti: It is true that it is increasingly difficult to spend a day on the Internet without coming across the Duolingo mascot. Now, do you know that according to a disreputable lawyer and his children, the owl has a dark story behind it? The good news is that if you find yourself among his victims, Peter Francis Menchetti & Sons will help you (in exchange for a big bite, of course) to make a lot of money.

The Royal Albert Hall launches its own NFTs: There is not much more to say about this, except that it is probably the joke of this April Fools 2022 that more hearts could suddenly stop. Well, there is something to add, and that is that the sarcasm with which the statement is written is a wonderful example of the best British humor. «People think NFTs are just horrible caricatures of apes that you don’t actually own, but that’s only about 90 percent of them.«. A wonder worth reading.

Check the compatibility of your cloth: This April Fools 2022 joke is not signed by a company, but by the popular influencer MKBHD. And it is that, after getting hold of the controversial Apple cloth, he decided to check what would happen if he used it with a device for which it was not recommended. The result, as they say on the Internet, will surprise you.

The smallest PC in the world: Newegg is a reference in the retail market, but not only that, they are also the creators of The DOT, the smallest computer in the world presented for the first time this April Fools 2022. So small that you will need a microscope to observe a second microscope, which is the one who will let et see it. And as for its performance? Well, it will allow you to play with 8k resolutions at 360,000 fps for two or three minutes until it fails. The dream of any gamer with tiny hands.

And these are just some examples of the funniest actions of this April Fools 2022. Have you seen any others? You can tell us about it and share it with other readers in the comments.

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