The best Jurassic Park LEGOs

Designed for children older than 8 yearss, this kit con 308 pieces encourages little ones to shape a cargo shipwhich, moreover, fleet and it is waterproof, so they will be able to play even in a pool or in the bathtub at home.

The toy is made up of the freighter and a second boat, which is a small boat that also floats. The mission will be none other than transport the huge dinosaur on the ship. But of course, the prehistoric animal will resist, and could even run away. With the help of four characters (Darius, Yaz, Owen Grady and a ranger), it will be necessary to control the reptile, mount it on the boat and secure it so that it reaches the park safe and sound. Along the way you’ll have to feed him and even shoot him with a tranquilizer dart if poor Baryonyx starts to go on a rampage.

This kit is a great bet if you want to start a LEGO: Jurassic World collection. Fun is guaranteed for hours, and its compatibility with other sets is unbeatable. Plus, kids can interact with the ship’s opening cockpit, operate the cranes, and even upgrade the ship with parts from other sets if they want to get creative.

Carnotaurus Dinosaur Pursuit #76941

The dangerous Carnotaurus has disappeared, and we will have to prevent him from doing his thing. This kit for older than 7 years has some 240 pieces. The little ones will have to fulfill the delicate mission of stop the carnosaurus. For this, they will have a helicopter and a jeep with six wheels, perfect to adapt to any terrain that comes our way.

There are three minifigures in this set: Kenji, Sammy and Owen Grady. One of the characters will have an electric instrument to paralyze the reptile, and from the helicopter we can shoot tranquilizer darts if things get dangerous. The off-road vehicle is great, and different parts can be attached to the rear and the roof can also be removed to make a convertible van. If, in addition, it is combined with other LEGO: Jurassic World kits, our little ones will be able to build their own parks with dinosaurs at home.

Jurassic World Encounter with the Baryonyx

Jurassic World Encounter with the Baryonyx

This other set is also very complete. we will have cfour minifigurethey will have to stop the Baryonyx dinosaur and take it to the right place Or simply search for the hidden treasure preventing the dinosaur from getting in the way of our mission. We will have a Jeep, in which we will be able to ride the characters. But the expedition will not be a matter of a moment! Our main characters know that things can take a long time, because the Baryonyx is not going to make it easy for him. So, in addition to the car, they are equipped with their own caravan, which is attached to the vehicle. With their 434 pieces, we will even be able to make a river. And in the caravan we will be able to analyze the recordings that we will make, rest and even look for food to feed the furious reptile. As if that were not enough, in addition to being able to play with Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Danny Nedermeyer and Sinjin Prescott, we will have the dog Red in this kit.

Jurassic World Gallimimus and Pteranodon Leak #75940

Jurassic World Escape from the Gallimimus

With this last kit we will be able to search mainly for the Gallimimus and Pteranodon dinosaursalthough the ideal is to combine it with any of the previous sets and form a search team most professional. Includes three minifigures two fully detachable drones to look for the reptiles in the jungle and a spectacular vehicle, totally off-road in which we will carry a small mini laboratory. Inside, we can incubate the dinosaur eggs that we find on our way. The kit has 391 pieces and is intended for ages seven and up.

LEGO kits: Jurassic World for investigation lovers

The most curious will prefer a research kit. With these packs we can study so much the fossils like the creatures we have hunted in other kits. The most interesting are these that we show you below:

Fossilized T. Rex Dinosaur Exhibit #76940

Jurassic World Fossilized T. Rex Dinosaur Exhibit

If we need to take a break after running in front of and behind so many dinosaurs, we can alwayss study the fossils in the museum. That’s what this is about 198-piece kit, where we will be able to build the fossil of a Tyrannosaurus rex and expose it to the public. On this occasion, boys and girls older than 7 years they will be able to put themselves in the roles of Darius and Owen Grady to act as paleontologists.

The set also includes a small triceratops hatchling, as well as a blackboard to take notes, a pointer and a dinosaur egg. The fossil will be really fun to assemble as it is quite detailed and we will have to get the model construction right so that it has good articulation and can open and close the jaw of the animal.

Dr. Wu’s Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Escape #75939

Jurassic World Dr. Wu's Laboratory

Continuing with the world of researchthis phenomenal LEGO kit takes us to the Dr. Wu’s facilityan laboratory in which the character studies with the help of his staff and would instrument the creatures of the park.

The set does not lack a single detail. We will have informative screens, a table with different tools to analyze the dinosaurs, computers, showcases and even a dinosaur egg incubator. Doctor Henry Wu will be accompanied by an Owen Grady minifigure, as well as a pair of little dinosaurs, two hatchlings of Triceratops and Ankylosaurus. Of course, we will be able to bring dinos from other LEGO kits to the lab. Of course, if possible, having slept them previously. It is not going to be that poor Henry is left without his most precious place.

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