The best keyboard I’ve ever had… IT COST ME ONLY 8 EUROS!

This is not a keyboard guide, but my personal experience with this peripheral that we use so much on a daily basis. I’ve had keyboards with different types of mechanism, and luckily they’ve all worked well for me. I have used all the keyboards for the two things I usually do: write and play.

It is not always necessary to spend a lot of money on a keyboard

Something that I really like is to try things and when I got (by chance) in this sector, I have tried many keyboards. There are many keyboards of different brands and with different mechanisms that have passed through my hands. After so many tests, there are brands that I really liked and others that have disappointed me.

The brand that I liked the most, in terms of keyboards, is Corsair. I have had different keyboards from the brand, which have worked very well for me. What’s more, I’m currently writing this in the Corsair K60 with iCherry MX Silver switcheswhich is wonderful.

Despite everything, it is not the best keyboard I have had, at least, in quality/price ratio. I speak of a tancens anima keyboard office that came with a mouse and cost me 8 euros. Interestingly, Tacens is a brand I wouldn’t recommend, at least for power supplies and chassis, which are pretty bad.

Tacens Anima ACP0ES

I liked the keyboard at the time because the 50% of the plastic was recycled, something that at the time was not common. The keyboard wasn’t great, but I found it very comfortable and good for gaming and typing. I must say that the performance was better than I would have thought at first. And the use for 7 months, which is how long it lasted.

I guess, that due to use and change it from desktop to laptop, started to fail. Specifically, it disconnected and reconnected while typing or played randomly. I requested the RMA and they refunded my money, since it was discontinued. It didn’t turn out very well, but I really liked it. A pity that he couldn’t take all the cane I gave him.

Some disappointments along the way

As I was saying, I have tried many keyboards, more than 50 throughout my life. The brand that I liked the most, in terms of keyboards, is Corsair. But this is my opinion, surely you have a favorite brand of keyboards and peripherals, we each have different tastes.

I must say that the only brand of keyboard that I have not tried is Logitech, specifically, their gaming keyboards. Yes, I have used their general commercial keyboards, which are excellent, but none of their gaming branch. So I can’t comment on them and their custom switches.

There is a brand that has disappointed me and I will not say what it is, but it is easy to guess. I think that their own switches are not as good as they seem, in fact, I would say that they are the Apple of keyboards. I am also not convinced by the keyboard management software, which can be improved.

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