The best mountain wallpapers for Mac

MacOS Mojave is still available for download from Apple

This image will sound familiar to you. This is the wallpaper that Apple chose for the version of macOS Mojave. It is a good representation of what awaits us in this article where you can find a lot of good mountains wallpapers. While it is true that this image belongs to the Mojave desert and that they are dunes, you will not tell me that it cannot be perfectly representative, since it reminds me of a mountain. I hope you enjoy the content a lot and remember that if you are looking for a good wallpaper, you always have a couple of previous articles where you can find the 50 best backgrounds or escape at one of these beaches.

We could start with some of the funds that Apple has been using for their operating systems. Some of them have mountains as protagonists. Next we leave you the one that was used for macOS El Capitan. As you can see in a background where although the protagonist is not exclusively the mountains, we can appreciate them and we can see their majesty. With a starry sky, it invites you to spend the night there contemplating the immensity of nature and reminds us how small we are.

Another version that Apple used for wallpaper of macOS El Capitan It is the one that we leave you next. We go from night to day but with the same beauty. This time we have an image of a mountain that seems impossible to climb due to its verticality and that gives our Mac a touch of immortality. With that mountain that seems to dominate everything and that seems to have been with us since the beginning of days. Which by the way, in case you didn’t know, I think so, El Capitan is a mountain that is located in the Yosemite natural park, another name chosen for one of the Apple operating systems that you will find below.

El capoitan wallpaper

Then we leave you the background that Apple used for its version of macOS Sierra. A snowy mountains with the sun softly hitting them. I try to know if it is a sunrise or a sunset. I bet on the latter, but it’s hard to tell with such a close shot. This one is focused on the mountains and I sincerely believe that it is a total success.

Sierra wallpaper

The same as his little brother, so to speak, the bottom of macOS High Sierra it also focuses on the mountains. But this time we have a more open image, which includes many more elements in the map. We have a lake, many trees and of course the mountains. They seem like the first snows that begin to fall in the autumn in that area. Incredible colors in this image typical of the most photogenic season of all. A wallpaper worthy of being enjoyed every time it is put on the Mac.

High Sierra Wallpaper

Now we have with us the version of macOS Yosemite. In honor of the natural park located in the east of San Francisco, in California, United States. It was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 and was also the first park arranged by the federal government of the United States. By the way, if you like photography you will know that one of the fathers of modern photography, Ansel Adams, photographed the park on numerous occasions. They are worth seeing your images. In fact I am going to leave a couple of them in this post because although they are in black and white, you will see the strength they have and of course the reality of them. No computer alterations, only developing in a dark room with highly perfected technique.

Yosemite Wallpaper

Yosemite by Ansel Adams. Keep your mind open and don’t think that being black and white they are not wonderful. You’ll love his version of El Capitan. If you analyze the image well, you will see how, using a camera with much less technology than those of now, it was able to capture all the lights and shadows of the valley. Furthermore, there is not a single pixel of the image that does not have information. Everything has its detail, even the deepest shadow. It is amazing to see the image.

wallpaper The Captain by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams Yosemite

Given the images that Apple has used mountains in its operating systems, we will move on to other selection of wallpapers that we can use for our Macs.

We start with a wallpaper that, although unreal, is no less spectacular and will look great as our computer’s wallpaper. Full of mountains that are the protagonists of this blog post, we have everything that a good desktop background should gather. Beauty, strength and above all spaces so that our icons of the programs or files that we use every day can be seen without problems. A landscape that I wish I could see every morning when you open your eyes.

Mac Mountains Wallpaper

With the following background or image for your Mac, you’ll want to close it and go on a trip. Is an amazing place and that I’m sure you’ll use to see how it looks as the background. I already tell you that it is impressive and that it is one of those chosen by me, especially for those seasons in which the holidays are approaching. It motivates me to be able to have as a goal to get out of the monotony and want to look for something else. This landscape transports me and leads me to absolute happiness.

Mountain background for Mac

I’ve been wondering whether to include the following image. But i have to do it. If we have the version of the El Capitan mountain as the background of macOS and we have the version of the great Ansel Adams, why not have the version of the mountain in the middle of winter? It should be put, we are facing an image that shows us the valley with all its beauty and harshness of the winter season.

snowy captain

The next two wallpapers are from, probably the three most famous mountains on the planet. At least three of the most famous. The first of them Mount Fuji. The highest peak on the island of Honshu and in all of Japan, with 3776 meters of altitude. It is located between Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures in central Japan and just west of Tokyo. The second corresponds to the highest mountain in the world. Everest, with an altitude of 8848 meters, located on the Asian continent, in the Himalayas, specifically in the Mahalangur Himal sub-mountain range. Finally the one that for me is one of the most beautiful mountains that exist. The matterhorn. Located in the Alps, straddling Switzerland and Italy. A large, almost symmetrical pyramidal peak whose summit is 4,478 meters.




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