The Best Movie Art Books You Can Collect

Animated film art books

frozen art book

Animation has become a genre capable of making movies that are almost more realistic than the world around us. On top of that, it’s the kind of film you can better explore the different styles of drawing, creating and moving.

Therefore, the art books of animated films are true wonders that you do not tire of looking at and we recommend these especially.

The Frozen Movie Art Book

Ideal for the little ones, the movie Frozen became Disney’s highest grossing with dizzying figures… Until it came Frozen 2 and broke the record again.

Therefore, it is impossible not to start our recommendation with frozen art book that, in addition to having spectacular illustrations, is in Spanish, something that, unfortunately, sometimes does not happen with the art books of many films.

The Coco Movie Art Book

From Disney we go to Pixar, although in reality it is all the same. And among the many masterpieces of this animation studio, I especially like the art book of the movie Coconut.

The color of the film is perfect and is transmitted to a book that has pages that should be in a museum. It’s in English, but if you liked the movie, you have to get hold of it and get lost in its pages.

The Toy Story 4 Art Book

We didn’t leave Pixar because, although the art books of toy story are not easy to find anymore, you may still be able to get the Toy Story 4.

If so, it takes time to have that memory and turn the pages of one of the sagas that most moved us in the cinema.

The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Art Book

The best Marvel superhero movie, by far, is also animated and a work of art in terms of design and drawing.

The same applies to her art book, a true gem where you can calmly appreciate the talent and creativity that led her to win the Oscar for best animated film.

Is in Englishbut the truth is that it does not matter too much and you will appreciate it practically the same.

My Neighbor Totoro art book

It is impossible to talk about art in animated films without Hayao Miyazaki, the soul of the legendary Ghibli Studios, not appearing. As with Pixar, pretty much everything they do is great. For this reason, the art books of his films are essential. I could recommend them all, but, out of personal preference i lean towards the movie artbook my neighbor totoro.

It is in English, it is true, but it is perfectly enjoyable because the sketches and drawings are the main protagonist and the language is in the background.

Another one of my favorites is the art book Howl’s Moving CastleSpectacular wherever you look at it.

Live action movie books

Star Wars The Movie Art Book

Movie art books, especially science fiction and fantasy movies, allow us to get into the minds of creators of incredible worlds, characters and creatures. For this reason, they are some of the most colorful books that, in addition, add additional background to our films favourites.

And for this section, you can already imagine where we start.

The art books of the new Star Wars movies

Let’s see, the new trilogy is a disaster any way you look at it, with films that have the dubious honor of being worse than the previous one, even when that seemed impossible.

But to each his own, visually they are spectacular and their art is impeccable.

Therefore, it is impossible not to recommend the art books of the new movies. Personally, I would only bother to collect the one of the only salvageable of all the ones they have done: rogue onewhich faithfully picks up the witness of the original saga.

However, you have those of the 3 new movies and it is true that they are very good, because the talent of visual artists is beyond doubt. Another issue is everything else.

The art book of Dune

the art of dunes

Denis Villeneuve achieved what seemed almost impossible with dunes and a large part of the credit is due to how they have managed to reflect the universe of the books. This mix of retro-futurism, coupled with a commanding sense of scale and perfect production design It is reflected in the art book of the film.

Full of incredible details and designs, it is a must if you liked dunes.

The Lord of the Rings art book

Although the art books of the films of The Lord of the rings are already very difficult to find in Spanish. Fear not, we have a better recommendation.

The sketchbook of The Lord of the rings with the legendary illustrations of Alan Lee. Undoubtedly, he is considered the one who has best captured legendary stories in drawing and he is, precisely, the art that inspired Peter Jackson for his film trilogy.

Alan Lee is living history and this book should not only be in the library of every fan of the saga, but also in that of any art fan in general.

The art book of the legendary Syd Mead

Even if the name Syd Mead doesn’t ring a bell, you have seen his art thousands of times and he is a legendary artist, who has participated in films such as Aliens, blader runner, star trek, Elysium and many more.

Nobody has influenced cinema and the future with his art as much as Syd Mead, and for that reason, we cannot close this list of movie art book recommendations in another way.

The book The Movie Art Of Syd Mead. Visual Futurist is A must-have for any movie buff’s library.. And yes, it’s in English, what can we do, but you’re going to get lost in its pages, you’re going to realize how this artist has shaped your imagination and you’ll be glad of the recommendation if you’re a true fan.

As you can see, there are options for all tastes and we wanted to pick the cream of the cream. With these art books you will enjoy your favorite movies even more and you can “touch” them calmly and let yourself be carried away by the inspiration that created them.

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