The best Netflix series (according to critics) that you can watch right now

The best we can find on Netflix

The fact is that if we close our eyes and recite the titles of ten series that we have available on Netflix we will get a few combinations without problems, although another thing is that let’s get it right if they are the best rated on the entire platform. To find out which ten essential titles we have not gone to ask any film critic, but the millions who pass through the pages of IMDb every day, the industry database that contains any information you need about series, movies, documentaries or whatever.

Thanks to a rating system for these contents, it’s easy to find the best Netflix has to offer and order it. So that is what we have done, although along the way we have found that viral and mass phenomena such as The Money Heist either The Squid Game They are not even among those ten names that you have below. Surprise or maybe you expected it?

Be that as it may, below we leave you that list of productions that have their names written in gold letters. And they are these:

stranger things

What to comment on what has become fiction platform flag and that mixes science fiction with terror in a purely eighties format in the style of the best Goonies. With the fourth season at the gates, everything indicates that it will continue to be one of the main assets to keep us subscribed to Netflix for a long time. Especially with the one that is falling to the platform in recent times.


The most recognized German series on Netflix is a hymn to the best science fiction we’ve ever seen in recent years, with plots that are absolutely amazing and that take us through time travel and other supernatural incidents that deserve to be seen. It is not surprising that it is among the Top 10 of the best rated on the entire platform. You have three colossal seasons available.


With only two seasons, Kingdom is one of the most beloved series for its extraordinary staging but, above all, for the strong story it tells us. As the official synopsis says, “strange rumors of a sick king take over a kingdom while a mysterious plague begins to spread.” It will be the crown prince who has to face that threat to save all those who live in the lands of his family.


Series with agents investigating murders and other crimes are always the focus of great stories and plots, and in the case of Mindhunters is not an exception. Throughout the two seasons that are available we will meet a couple of members of the FBI They find a new technique that allows them to go after criminals with overwhelming success rates. A very original approach that you should not miss.

this is how they see us

Interesting series that will mark you despite the fact that it only has a single season with four chapters in which it narrates the heartbreaking cracks in the judicial system of the US when it comes to applying the laws to certain people of different races and social conditions. New York and a case in Central Park will be the axis of a drama that cannot leave you indifferent.

heart stopper

Premiered in April 2022, this series has swept views on Netflix and received the best qualifications from critics. So much so that in record time IMDB users have recognized it as one of the best fictions on the platform. In it we will see Charlie and Nick, inseparable friends who, in full youth, will discover that the same between them there is something deeper and lasting.

The assistant

With only one season behind him, The assistant is an endearing surprise that introduces us to Alex, a single mother who is dedicated to cleaning houses with the intention of being able to pay all her expenses and support her young daughter, while trying to forget her past and a toxic relationship. Precisely, that link with Maddy and the problems that she lives day by day, will be reason to reflect on life, family and society.

sex education

sex education It is one of the Netflix phenomena of recent years, it has three seasons and takes us through the lives of some young people who awaken to love and… to sex. Fresh, fun and with certain dramatic touches where it touches, it is one of the most valued by the subscribers of the platform.

The Haunting of Hill House

Extraordinary horror fiction developed by Steven Spielberg’s production company, Amblin Entertainment, for Netflix, and which begins a compendium of stories that belongs to the anthology of The Haunting. In the summer of 1992, Hugh and Olivia Crain, along with their five children, move into Hill House to try to renovate it, sell it and build their own home designed by the mother. The problem will come when these jobs have to be extended and they discover that unexpected paranormal phenomena take place inside that mansion.

queen’s gambit

Is there anything to say about this series that made playing chess games fashionable again? queen’s gambit is the story of a prodigy orphan of chess, Beth Harmon, who fights to become the best player in the world, which will lead her to face, not only against the greatest opponents, but above all against herself.

How to watch the series from worst to best?

Once we have shown you which are those ten series that Netflix has among the best in its catalog, It’s time to sort them by quality, from worst to best., although it is clear that in the case of those with a lower rating, we are already referring to fictions that are at a notable high within IMDB. So you will like them for sure. And they are these.

  • Kingdom: 8.3
  • The Assistant: 8.4
  • Sex Education: 8.4
  • Mind Hunter: 8.6
  • Queen’s Gambit: 8.6
  • The Haunting of Hill House: 8.6
  • Stranger Things: 8.7
  • Dark: 8.7
  • This is how they see us: 8.9
  • Heartstopper: 9.1

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