The best OLED TVs at a knockdown price in the Days without VAT of Mi Electro

The best OLED TVs at a knockdown price in the Days without VAT of Mi Electro. The other day we brought you a compilation of the best options on Smart TV of this fantastic Mi Electro campaign, sorted by range and price. Today, however, we wanted to focus exclusively on bringing you the best of the best in OLED TVs. And we have been left with three options, the best in their respective brands, will you join us?

The best OLED TVs at a knockdown price in the Days without VAT of Mi Electro

We have thought it appropriate to focus this article only on the 3 best OLED televisions (or those with the most discounts in the store) so as not to make the article too extensive. If you want to see the full range of OLED televisions on offer, you can always go to the Mi Electro websitewhere you can see all the current offers of this technology.

It is one of the best current OLED televisions, with the latest technology such as the famous panels LG OLED Evo. If you follow us regularly, you will know that we score with a very high score for this TV in our analysisas we loved it. And it is not for less, it does everything phenomenally well.

As we said, this G1 model (or G16 in Spain) has OLED (Evo) technology, which is responsible for lighting each pixel independently, offering a unique contrast. ANDThe addition of the Evo panel translates into lower consumption, more brightness and more protection against burns and possible retentions, something to value for the most gamers.

In addition, this model supports various high dynamic range technologies such as standards HDR10 and Dolby Visiona renewed remote control, a new operating system –web OS 6.0– and also has support for many standards such as the voice assistant of Google and Alexa, Airplay, ALLMshare screen and a long etcetera.

In conclusion, this is the most flexible TV on the market, since it does everything phenomenally well and has no weak points. In addition, as we said, this G version has the aforementioned EVO panel and also an integrated wall bracket, as it is designed to be attached to the wall like a painting.

Of course, we could not forget that it has four HDMI 2.1 ports complete to enjoy the resolution 4K at 120 Hz HDR (and also Dolby Vision), Freesync Premium, G-Sync, etc. That is to say, quite a spectacle for the gamers. You can find it at a fantastic 1,357 euros for the 55-inch model in Mi Electro.

Another of the best options, especially if you are going to watch movies, is Sony with its excellent model A80J with a cognitive processor. This television that that we also analyzed in AVPasión in its day It also had one of the best scores on our portal. That because? because it is a real beast of image quality (and sound) that also is at a really attractive price in Mi Electro.

We are facing one of the best Smart TVs of the year with multiple improvements over the 2020 modelsstarting with a new cognitive XR processor that processes the image in a very organic way, a notable improvement in compression and noise treatment and superb scaling, as well as the best movement on the market.

Buy the 65″ Sony A80J for 1725 euros

On the other hand, in terms of connectivity, both full HDMI 2.1 ports they are a huge advance over the 2020 model if we are going to playwith VRR support in a future firmware update.

In terms of image processing, as we were saying, the XR works wonders with its sharpness and movement. On the other hand, with HDR content and Dolby Vision this TV gets all the juice out of itbecause it uses proprietary Sony technologies such as its tone-mapping with which we will see every last detail of the bright elements.

Finally, the TV has native support Google Assistant, Chromecast, Airplay 2 and eARC support, etc. The icing on the cake is incredible sound quality, with Acoustic Surface + already very mature and slightly improved this year, with several actuators along the TV that vibrate the panel turning it into a giant speaker.

In conclusion: we highly recommend this model to those users whose primary use is the cinema, although it is also an excellent model for games with two HDMI 2.1 ports (with VRR coming soon); In addition, its XR processor works wonders with low-quality content and streaming, cleaning the image and dirt in the best possible way. In short: this TV is PURE CINEMA.

Buy the 65″ Sony A80J for 1725 euros

To end this triad of the best OLED options in this Mi Electro campaign, we couldn’t pass up Philips and its wonderful range of TVs with Ambilight. Specifically, we have found that the OLED806 model, which we also analyze in AVPasión, It has a significant enough discount as to be present in this article.

We find ourselves with an OLED television with, in this case, a 65-inch diagonal that improves on all points compared to its predecessor from the previous year, starting with a upgraded P5 AI processor, less artificial and much more natural In addition to being much more configurable, which translates into a notable improvement in scaling, motion interpolatorin addition to being able to activate the Black Frame Insertion.

In terms of image quality, it also improves everything on its sister of the year 2020, especially in HDR and Dolby Vision where the quality of it is fantastic, offering us about 700-750 nits of maximum brightness. Being an OLED, the three-dimensional effect is huge, with a total and complete absence of blooming, blooming, and other issues typical of LCD panels.

Buy the 65″ Philips OLED806 for 1772 euros

We cannot forget the notable improvement with the incorporation of a new tone mapper for HDR (HDR Perfect), the improvement in scaling and movement It’s very tangible and also very especially in colorimetry, which comes to rival Panasonic this year.

The other great novelty of the year is found in its 2 full 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 portssince with these we will be able to connect a last generation console or PC and enjoy the games at 4K and 120Hz with the technologies VRR, G-Sync and Freesync Premium Pro without the slightest problem. One last.

Finally, the remote control has improved. Its operating system, Android TV, is sublime, continuing with the improvement seen last year, fast and stable and with all the streaming apps on the market. It also has support for Google Assistant, Chromecast, eARC support, etc. In this sense, Philips also has a differentiating element: Ambilight. Simply delicious.

Ultimately, we find a TV that we catalog as one of the best of the year, intended for those users whose use is mixed between a very good cinephile experience and the best video game experience and who value the Ambilight systemsince this is its great strength: its intelligent lighting system that can be integrated with HUE bulbs.

Without a doubt, we are before one of the great offers of the days Without VAT of Mi Electro so don’t miss out on this chance for a scandal.

Buy the 65″ Philips OLED806 for 1772 euros

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