The best organizations in citizenship, business, country and data value are recognized in OutThink 2030

The celebration of OutThink2030aimed at achieving a more economic model innovative, competitive and sustainablehad the Digital Awardsdelivered by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy, Adigital.

The gala took place on September 21 and was presented by Ángeles Blanco, journalist and presenter of Informativos Tele5. The awards are endowed with Non Fungible Trophies (NFT) for each of the categories (citizenship, company, country and data value). Together with them, the four winners were presented with a sculpture by the artist Jacinto Moros.

Specifically, for the ‘citizenship’ category, and for its positive impact on society through technology and digitization, it has received the Visualfy. It is a sound recognition technology that translates sound notifications into visual alerts, making spaces accessible to deaf or hearing impaired people. The jury has valued the clear contribution of this technology to improve people’s lives, a technology applicable to any country and in any language.

In the ‘company’ category, for companies that have stood out for their capacity for innovation and integration of technologies, the winner has been Madrid Digital Hub, by Interxion and DE-CIX. This project arises with the intention of positioning the city of Madrid and, by extension, the Iberian Peninsula, as hub Europe, a benchmark in infrastructures for the digital society. The jury has taken into account the ability of this project to attract investment, ecosystem and capabilities in the world of data, where Spain wants to position itself clearly.

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For the ‘country’ category, with a focus on public-private innovation initiatives, the Artificial Intelligence tool of Amazon Web Services and Royal Spanish Academy. Both organizations have jointly launched this tool that allows examining, in a very short time and through artificial intelligence systems, tens of thousands of Internet documents in order to assess the state of Spanish in the world.

The jury has appreciated the public-private collaboration in a project that makes it possible to take advantage of the potential of Spanish as a factor for economic growth and international competitiveness, as recognized in the recent PERTE Nueva Economía de la Lengua.

Digitization of the agri-food sector

And finally, for the category ‘data value’for the distinguished contribution to the value and use of data, the award has been given to Earth Platform. It is a community on-line Promoted by Cajamar in collaboration with IBM to provide companies and professionals in the agri-food sector with access to information and digital tools for data processing that help decision-making.

On this occasion, the jury appreciated that this initiative is a purely technological project, for a sector, the agri-food sector, where Spain is a relevant country and where the use of technology and especially data is applied to improve productivity and competitiveness. of the sector, the training of farmers and ranchers, which provides an excellent opportunity for international positioning.

As explained by César Tello, CEO of Adigital: “We want to reward the work and efforts of entities and initiatives that strive every day to improve our economy and society through technology.” And he adds that “in Spain we have great centers of technological innovation that deserve to be recognized by society, since they are positioned as levers for improvement at the country level in terms of competitiveness and prosperity”.

The nominations were closed on August 22 and the jury’s evaluation was carried out based on established criteria, both qualitative and quantitative, such as trajectory or impact, among others.

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