The best Ozone peripherals to compete like a pro

We know that recommending a series of peripherals in general is not optimal as such, the ideal is to do it per game or at least per type of game. But the punctuation requires another factor and it is the human. Each one plays in a position, needs a specific type of peripheral and what seems good or very good to another may not be.

So we are going to be Solomonic when recommending peripherals, which, although very good and used by certain professionals, are also very versatile and also have an incredible price for what they provide.

What to look at when we want to buy a professional gaming peripheral?


In the first place, do not let ourselves be carried away by marketing and secondly, do not let ourselves be guided by the premise that “more expensive is better”, because this is not always the case, in fact, that statement fails a lot. This is where Ozone is competing the hardest, because they offer more for less money and with these products we can go as far as we want and our skill or training allows.


A really peculiar mouse in terms of design. Short at the front, long at the back for palm rest, independent and shell-bonded clicks for torsional rigidity, side rubber grips and 6 programmable buttons as initial introduction.

We will not talk about its software or RGB, but about its sensor: PixArt PMW 3325 with adjustable DPI on the fly between 200 DPI and 5000 DPI maximum. To reduce interference and protect the connector features a gold plated USB. It has dimensions of 120 x 66.2 x 40mm, so it’s a mid-size mouse that’s very comfortable and not heavy: just 110 grams.


Ozone DSP25 Ultra

A gentleman monitor that makes almost all the competition pale. with a panel of 24.5 inches (1080p) this screen has just about everything you could want, such as a configurable RGB strip, adjustable height, tilt, swivel and rotate, VESA 100, IPS panel with 360Hz and 0.6ms response time or G-SYNC Compatible and FreeSync.

And we can not forget the HDR, the 400cd/m2 and the 1000:1 contrast, a monitor that is so complete that it is difficult to find competition.


Ozone Ekho-X40

Although it may not seem like it, a professional player does not use headphones with 7.1 sound, quite the contrary, he plays with a good positional stereo sound. The problem is that the professional audio sector for gaming is very mythologized and marketing does the rest, so not guided by that but by the general quality of sound, materials and price, we can only recommend the EKHO-X40.

With their 50mm speakers and first-class isolation, it is more than likely that we will forget its low price and feel that we are dealing with much more expensive headphones. Premium materials, ultralight, very comfortable, adjustable headband, padded ear cushions, folding microphone and almost the most important thing: it is multiplatform thanks to a 3.5mm Mini Jack.

get an impedance of 32 ohms and a response frequency of 20Hz to 20KHz, without forgetting its sensitivity of 108dB, which equals many of the best headphones on the market in performance.

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