The best play CS:GO like this and that’s why it’s hard for you to win

You will most likely play CS:GO at your monitor’s native resolution, which in most cases will be 1080p. Well, I must tell you that you are playing at the wrong resolution and that is why you are not winning games. But don’t worry, we’ll explain what resolution you should play at and why this happens.

The ideal resolution to play CS:GO

Although it is many years old, the number of Counter players has not fallen, quite the contrary. The idea that it was free has allowed it to attract more users, being the most popular game on Steam. But, there is one thing you don’t know and that is that you may have been playing at the wrong resolution.

Usually, most users turn on the computer and enjoy CS:GO in the native resolution of their system. Currently, the resolution most popular (according to Steam) is 1080p, but this resolution is not the most optimal to play and has a technical explanation. This resolution has 16:9 aspect ratioa format that is more panoramic.

It turns out that this panning effect causes the character’s size to shrink, so the “doll” has a width of 147 pixels. What may surprise you is that in other resolutions and aspect ratios the “doll” gets fatter and thus, it is easier to give it.

Resolution 1920×1080 1728×1080 1440×1080 1350×1080
aspect ratio 16:9 16:10 4:3 5:4
character width 147 pixels 169 pixels 196 pixels 206 pixels

For one 1728×1080 resolution with a 16:10 aspect ratio, we have to the character is 169 pixels Wide. If we play with resolution 1440×1080 and one 4:3 aspect ratiowe have to the character is 196 pixels wide and for a 1350×1080 resolution and one aspect ratio 5:4 we have to the character is 206 pixels wide.

Something as simple as increasing the surface of the character increases the accuracy. It is for this very reason that many professional players opt for these resolutions. It allows to see the avatar of the enemy pass or peek a little, which in other aspect ratios does not happen.

It influences, but to a certain extent

Although it can have an influence on the course of the game, it is not entirely decisive, it is more, it may matter very little. There are more pressing factors that can decide the game, such as the latency of the internet connection. They also affect the peripherals we use and training, or playing regularly.

It is also important to know the maps properly, discovering the vantage points. If we know the strategic points that allow us to see the enemy before he sees us, we gain a tactical advantage. Knowing the routes, how to cover positions correctly or when to “echo” are factors that can be decisive.

Another factor is having a high frame rate, as it allows for a smoother image. Even the brightness of the monitor can end up influencing the game. So don’t think about it too much, in the end it’s like everything, practice and be constant. There is no ultimate trick that allows you to win games… legally.

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