The best portable batteries go on sale for Black Friday

We recently told you about the arrival in Spain of one of the best portable batteries of Bluetti, but it is not the only good news we have to give you about the brand. The company has also decided to sign up for Black Friday, offering us the opportunity to get hold of its best models at crazy prices. Take a look, choose yours and hunt it down before the offer ends.

Before showing you all the discounted equipment you should know one thing: the sales will be available until next November 30. Keep that in mind.

Bluetti EB55 and EB70

We start with the cheapest proposals in the catalog and also the most compact for transport. Unit EB55 enjoy a power of 700W and a battery with a capacity of 537 Wh while the EB70 Raise the bar to 1000W and 716Wh. They are not the only compact computers in the house (although they are the most recent). The Bluetti AC50S targets 300W with a 500Wh ion battery.

How about the prices? Well both teams they go down 110 euros, so that the EB55 remains at 549 euros and the EB70 at 649 euros.


Within the EB family we also have, as you already know, the EB150 model. With 1,000W of power, it is a very popular model since it is perfect to take with us for example camping or as a security element to keep at home in the event of an unexpected and very long blackout – now with bad weather it can be something to take into account.


The EB150’s battery is 1,500 Wh and is also compatible with the brand’s solar panels, becoming one of its most attractive features on its technical sheet and that will allow it to be charged in about four and a half hours.

As for the sale, it is not just any offer: we are talking about a 400 euro cut, staying at 999 euros. If you had your eye on him, this is the moment.


Next on the list with a discount that you can’t miss is the EB240. It is a vitamin version of the EB150 and that translates into a generous 2,400 Wh battery capacity. The most distinctive thing about this model is that it is specially prepared to withstand extreme temperatures, being able to cope with environments of up to minus 20 degrees, making it ideal for certain situations in which other equipment could not perform well.


Like his brother, we also have a price drop of 400 euros, being able to acquire the equipment for 1,399 euros.

Bluetti AC200P

Finally we have the little beast AC200P. With no less than 2000W of power, which is said soon, the unit houses a long-life LiFePO4 battery of 2000Wh capacity, enduring 3,500 charge cycles.


Enjoy a total of 13 connectors and enjoy a very interesting feature to take into account: it is compatible with the firm’s solar panels of up to 700W, thus opening up a much wider range of possibilities. More now, than thanks to Black Friday lower its price 300 euros, placing a label of 1,699 euros.

Have you already chosen your favorite offer?

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