The best portable power station arrives in Spain and has a discount!

Have you ever thought what would happen if you stayed without light for a few hours? Perhaps for some it is not something very “traumatic” but for others it can be a real drama (especially now that teleworking is much more common, for example). For those cases, it is not a bad thing to have a portable power station, something that may sound very like a post-apocalyptic film product but should not be lacking as an aid in practically every home.

Do you feel the urge to have one now? Well, you know that the best, the Bluetti EB55, has just arrived at Spain and he does it with a special offer.

Bluetti EB55, the definitive station

Portable power stations are the perfect solution when you run out of power in an unexpected way, as well as an ideal companion when we are going to move to areas where we know that we will not have this crucial resource in our lives – for example, if we we go camping to certain locations.

With these units it is possible to charge smartphones, tablets, even laptops or small appliances, whose energy demand is significantly higher. Depending on the consumption of each device, the final autonomy of our station will be greater or less, although in the case of the Bluetti EB55, you are more than covered for a long time, thanks to its capacity of 537 Wh (it is about one of the most stable and durable batteries in the industry, with up to 2,500 charge cycles before its capacity drops to 80%), with an output power of 700W.

This small box, considered the successor of the acclaimed AC50S model, can be charged in several ways: through the car (through the 12V charging port), our power adapter (in 3 and a half hours you have it at 100%) and through solar energy (includes cable for this in the box but the plates are purchased separately, beware).

Something that you may be wondering is how big is such a box. And the good news is that, for the large capacity it has, it enjoys manageable proportions: 19.8 cm high, 27.8 cm wide and 19.9 cm deep, weighing 7.5 kilograms of weight. Its housing is also flame retardant and it is available in various colors, counting in all cases with a folding handle for transport and rubber feet.

Now with a Halloween offer

The unit has just landed in Europe, and therefore in the Spanish market, and to celebrate it, taking advantage of the fact that it is Halloween, the brand has launched a promotion That not only affects its new model but also other versions that it has in its catalog – in case there is another variant that better suits your needs.

All started on October 28 and will be available until next November 4, so you shouldn’t relax too much and let them slip away.

As for our protagonist, you can take advantage of the discounts with two offers:

  • The Bluetti EB55 module for 559 euros (you save a total of 100 euros on your purchase)
  • The Bluetti EB55 with a 120W solar panel for 799.99 euros (in this case, you save 200 euros compared to its official price)

Note that they even have a competition in social networks. Specifically on Instagram, where by uploading a photo of your product with the hashtags #Bluetti Holloween #Bluetti Share #Solar Power you will enter the draw for twenty AC50s. On the page of the Halloween promotion you have all the information.

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