The best replica of the Simpsons TV has a Raspberry Pi

The iconic Simpsons TV

Someone once thought, why not create a replica of the Simpsons television? Yes, the one with the shape of a box, tube screen, dials for channel change and an antenna that gives what it gives when it comes to capturing the signal.

Well, that did. The Reddit user buba447 has created a miniature version of the iconic Simpsons TV. But it is not just another small television, nothing like a model like the one you might see in toys or certain collector’s figure stores. This TV is special and includes a Raspberry Pi Zero inside.

What is the reason for including the small development board created by The Raspberry Pi Foundation? Well, being able to have a mini TV, which fits in the palm of your hand and is capable of reproducing the episodes of The Simpsons.

Yes, really, just as you are reading it. What buba447 did is take a series of elements to create a miniature but functional television. Well, it is not going to capture the television signal coming from a cable or satellite antenna socket, but it does not matter because of how you solved the content issue.

The most original way to see The Simpsons

I designed and printed a working Simpsons TV. Plays the first 11 seasons at random without internet. Knobs work too! from 3Dprinting

The replica of the Simpsons television in the first place was designed in Fusion 360 and then printed with a 3D printer that, without a doubt, has achieved a really striking and faithful finish to the television of the series.

With what is the box already created, now it was the turn of placing everything necessary for it to be a functional player. So in order not to have to make a very large device, he opted for a Raspberry Pi Zero. To this he added a screen with a 640 × 480 pixel resolution very tiny.

From here, well, a bit of fitting the components inside, placing the odd extra element such as a speaker and a pair of dials that would be used to control on and off as well as the volume at which the content it plays will sound.

And of course, speaking of a replica of the iconic Simpsons television, which you can see in it are the chapters of the series between seasons 1 and 11. But beware, in a random way.

That is, when you turn on the Raspberry Pi, a chapter of The Simpsons selected randomly by the integrated player begins to show. Which is always great for fans who have seen every season in full.

How to have your own mini Simpsons television

If you are interested in this mini TV of The Simpsons created with a Raspberry Pi, you will soon be able to make your own. Its creator has commented that it will provide a detailed building guide for anyone to follow.

For now we will have to wait, have a little patience and buy a Raspberry Pi Zero if you want. Then it will only be to see what you need to create this genius. And if you ever regret it, don’t worry, because that little Raspberry Pi Zero can be used for many other things.

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