the best retro console with cartridges at its minimum price

In many areas today everything retro is in fashion, including that related to video games. Therefore, if you are one of those who misses the games that you enjoyed so much years, even decades ago, take advantage of this offer that we are going to talk about now about the retro console loved by many.

It must be recognized that the current next-generation games are truly spectacular, but also extremely demanding. Hence, many prefer the older games to be able to enjoy several of them on their devices. Precisely for this we find certain consoles specially dedicated to these tasks. These are teams that are specially designed to allow us to enjoy these titles as before.

Likewise, there are many nostalgic people who miss the games they enjoyed years ago and who in one way or another would like to relive them. Precisely for this reason, we are now going to talk about a mini-console that works through cartridges and that will possibly meet your expectations. In addition, this is a model that has been renewed just a few weeks ago, replacing its little sister. Specifically, it is the Blaze Evercade EXP that many of you may be familiar with.

To say that one of the most striking points of this model is the enormous number of games that we will have at our disposal. It shares a catalog with the previous one, so we cannot complain about the availability of titles. This will allow us to easily purchase game packs for later use. With everything and with this we must take into account that from the outset we already find a total of 18 classic Capcom games pre-installed on the mini-console.

The best retro games always in your pocket

All these games are provided in a cartridge that is included with the console itself and the corresponding USB-C connection cable. Regarding its internal specifications, we will tell you that it has a total of four gigabytes of RAM that accompany a 1.5 GHz processor. Likewise, we will have the possibility to disconnect the mini-console from our television through a mini HDMI cable.

Blaze Evercade EXP

Based on the specifications offered by its manufacturer, thanks to the 3000mA battery that the mini-console has, we will have a range of between 3 and 4 hours of games. Along with the available screen, it must be said that it is an 11-inch panel and the console measures just over 19 cm. long. It is worth mentioning that right now you can get it on Amazon at a 17% discount, which means that we can get the Blaze Evercade EXP for less than 125 euros.

At the same time, in the e-commerce giant we also find cartridges to use in this device if we wish. It is interesting to know that Amazon offers us a good amount of these to buy and use in our new Blaze Evercade EXP.

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