The best Rick and Morty board games

Rick and Morty board games

If you are interested in board games, you have the following.

Crazy Pawn from Mesa Rick & Morty

Crazy pawn Mesa Rick and Morty

For the most fans of the series and experts in board games, this complicated board will be a real gem. Has many variants that will test your knowledge of the multiverse and all the seasons of this series. It is a game to enjoy between 2 and 4 players. Due to its language, it is recommended for people over 16 years of age, just like the series itself.

Rick and Morty Funkoverse Strategy Game


You best friend forever and you are obsessed with the Funko Pops? And with Rick and Morty? Then this is the perfect game for you. And is that this strategy game in English for only two players Bring two cute little figurines that act as a player token. When you are not using them on the board, you can have them on the shelf in the living room with the rest of the collectibles.

Monopoly Rick and Morty

monopoly rick and morty

Rick sure doesn’t like being the center of a game based on capitalism. But the truth is that Monopoly is a classic board games with which to have fights with family or friends.

CLUEDO from Rick and Morty

cluedo rick and morty

Thank goodness we don’t have to solve the murder of Rick or Morty – they’ve died enough times in parallel universes already. In this Cluedo, We must investigate who stole the plans for Rick’s portal gun, with what tool and where they have hidden. Quite a twist on the classic Cluedo, which never usually disappoints when it comes to adapting to other franchises.

Rick and Morty Chess

rick and morty chess

If playing Monopoly makes you a slave to capitalism, as mentioned in Lady’s Gambit, playing chess is reserved for a few individuals with the enough intelligence to catch the jokes of the series. And it is that with this board and its pieces you can face the good characters (white) with their evil alter egos from parallel universes (black).

Rick and Morty Card Games

Fan of cards? Then this is your selection.

The Rickshank Rickdemption Deck-Building Game

Cryptozoic- Rick and Morty

This board game for 2-5 people It’s perfect for anyone who’s a Rick and Morty fan. It is inspired by the episode of the third season. As described, it is a construction game standalone deck game, but can also be used as an expansion for “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,” which is a pre-game board game with virtually identical mechanics.

Munchkin from Rick & Morty

munchin rick and morty

As early as 2001 Munchkin won the Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game. And it is that, after two decades, this game is quite a classic with multiple versions. What less than to have one of Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty the Pickle Rick Game

Rick and Morty the Pickle Rick Game

For those who became obsessed with the iconic Rick the Pickle episode, here comes the board game. You can be Rick trying to escape, or the Russians trying to stop him. If you’ve seen the looping series in its original version —which, as the fundamentalists would say, is how it’s funnier— you will be able to read the instructions and letters without any problems. in English. And when you’re not playing you can use the pickle rick as decoration for your room, right next to the Funko Pop you have from the series.

Rick and Morty Deck of Cards

rick morty letters.

The life-long French deck of cards, but with the theme of your favorite series. A versatile deck of cards, which you can even use to play the classic briscola with your grandfather, who is surely a very normal man who watches TV in the afternoons instead of shutting himself up to do experiments in the basement.

Rick and Morty UNO deck of cards

one rick and morty

Do you miss the times you spent playing UNO in your childhood? Here we bring you the series themed deck of cards. The instructions in English are the classic ones that we all know except for a new exception; the rule «Mr. Meeseeks ». And with it, you can search the discard pile for a card that is useful to you. Whether you are going to play with your friends who have seen the series, or with your nephews who are not old enough, this is a very versatile deck for all ages.

Rick and Morty Role Playing Games

Let’s move on to the role-playing games inspired by the grandfather and grandson with the following proposals.

Cryptozoic Entertainment from Rick and Morty

Cryptozoic Entertainment from Rick and MortyRecreate the fun of the Rick and Morty episode “Meeseeks and Destroy”. Crazy, embarrassing and daring tests to have an awkward good time. Plus, the button on the box plays famous lines from Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland. Refrain from people who have not obtained the B1 from Cambridge.

Rick And Morty: Multidimensional Roleplaying Game And Such

Rick And Morty: Multidimensional Role Playing Game And Such

This guide to creating role-playing games will immerse you in the Rick and Morty multiverse. Apart from the book, you only need some dice that you have at home, some pencils and an eraser … And now you can start creating your character!

Rick & Morty RPG Dashboard

dungeon dragons rick morty

If you want to stay on the theme of role playing games but you want more accessories, Dungeons and Dragons has created a themed version of Rick & Morty with its triptych, guide and index cards. All perfect if you are used to role-playing games and are not intimidated by the instructions in English.

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