The best-selling hardware or peripherals: Logitech, Intel and Thrustmaster

As we did on Friday to end the day, we are going to see which according to Amazon, are the best offers, the most sold or the most demanded by users for this Monday of Black Friday 2021. Four have been the products that have been taken the attention of the users, with the odd surprise must be added, especially from Thrustmaster. What has sold the most on the first day of the week and this Black Friday 2021 day 2?

Black Friday 2021, Day 2: Peripherals Monday

A very clear line is being seen on this Black Friday and it is nothing more than the little appearance of hardware as such in this event. The one that is seen, or has been sold out in hours or is very brief, and you have to investigate a lot, where it is sometimes difficult to find succulent offers and most do not even reach double digits. Therefore, we are going to enjoy how little there is on the one hand and how much there is on the other with these discounts.

Thrustmaster T300RS GT

It is more than known, it could even be classified as a classic as such and not by old, but by sales and the times we have talked about it. This T300RS comes with a brushless motor of 25 watts to achieve that the sensations at the wheel are very realistic with a really surprising Feedback for its price.

A quick change of driving is integrated, and double strap system to not leave dead zones, magnetic technology HEART patented pedal system T3PAGT and of course its base. Compatibility is another of its strengths, supporting PC, PS4 and PS5, although the price is what you will like the most, since it is at an all-time low with 277.99 euros after falling 31%.

Intel Core i9-11900K


Can we save saliva and time here? Possibly, because it has had its pluses and minuses with the two Ryzen 9s and because of this we have talked long and hard day in and day out as well. A quick summary then:

  • Rocket Lake Architecture
  • 8 cores and 16 threads
  • 5.3 GHz with TVB
  • 16 MB by L3
  • 125 watts by TDP
  • Non-overclocked support DDR4-3200 MHz
  • iGPU HD 750

Its price falls from 545 euros to 499.95 euros, a discount of 8%.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury


This is one of those mice with a certain mystery, mainly because of its sensor. And it is that Logitech does not finish clarifying in which version and in which sensor this mouse is based. We only know that it is called a hybrid Fusion Engine, so we must understand that their 4000 DPI at most they are based on some Avago or Pixart model, like the vast majority of current mice.

Leaving that mystery aside, we have 8 programmable buttons, hyperfast clicks, 1 ms response time, polling rate 1000 Hz and a weight of 144 grams. Its price is 22.99 euros, a spectacular 62% less than Thursday.

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