The best simulation games you can play right now

Its recent version has blown it up in sales (over a million and a half in a week) and that number 22 gives a good account of the success of the saga.

If you have always been told that you need sun and fresh air, you can simulate contact with nature, have the coolest tractor and the largest crop with Farming Simulator.

Its latest version is for PC and consoles (including Switch). There are also versions of Farming Simulator for mobile, so you don’t have to give up the hard work of tapping your phone screen to pick cabbages.

Forza Horizon, the best car racing simulator game

Forza Horizon 5, the best car racing simulator

The Forza franchise is one of the most successful when it comes to simulating fast car driving and adrenaline rush.

Its recent version 5 brings us the best of the series, corrected and increased. A huge number of cars to choose from and a huge world with scenarios of all kindsFrom city to jungle make this the best car racing simulator right now (other than Formula 1 but road cars).

The bad? It is only for Xbox and PC. If you have Playstation, you are probably waiting for the Gran Turismo 7, due out in March 2022, and you will do well.

Meanwhile, you can fool the monkey with the Project Cars 3, another similar simulation game which is also amazing.

, the best city simulation game

I started with Sim City on PC and half my life went to it, but the reboot for modern times it was somewhat unsuccessful. Because, the best city simulator right now is the Cities: Skylines.

Its objective is not very original, you have to create the most impressive city possible and you have infinite possibilities for it. However, its gameplay and the fact that there are already a ton of expansions (the first Cities: Skylines It’s from 2015), make it unbeatable city simulation game.

For PC and consoles, so without problem you have what you have at home to play.

Euro Truck Simulator 2, the best truck simulation game

Euro Truck Simulator 2

If you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to drive one of those huge trucks that cross Europe and make you go slow on the highway, you can.

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 it is a veteran game, but still very popular and that has taken a few Steam awards. Some find it relaxing and many find it addictive.

Too there is an american version to explore the endless highways of Route 66 or 101, as well as the most charismatic cities in the United States.

For PC onlyToo bad if you have a console and you always wanted to know what it feels like to carry packages from Amazon.

Football Manager 2022, the best game to simulate being a football manager

We Spaniards always believe that we are a better soccer coach than all those who are paid millions for doing nothing. If you want to show that it is so, the best soccer simulation game is the Football Manager 2022.

At least when it comes to everything that involves the part of training and staff management, signings, etc.

The latest in a long, legendary series, the 2022 version deepens and enlarges even more what has made the franchise famous. You will be able to print your personal style to the team, manage every last detail and enjoy a renewed match engine.

For PC at the moment, there is also a mobile version. This is more limited, of course, but ideal to calm vice anywhere. If you have a console, you will have to wait a bit and go to version 2021. It is worth it too.

And yes, there is also FIFA, too, we already know.

Kerbal Space Program, simulating the space race

Kerbal Space Program, space race simulation game

If you like everything related to space, there is an exceptional simulation game for you. Not surprisingly, it has some ardent fans and an exceptionally fun and well thought-out gameplay.

You are in charge of the space program of beings called Kerbals and they will assign you contracts (missions) or you can design them with the objectives that interest you most. These can be, from reaching an orbit around the planet, such as landing on another, going through rescuing others kerbals or catch asteroids. Everything, in a solar system very similar to ours, although you can also get out of it and discover exoplanets.

its Physics is very realistic, so much so that you can perform real maneuvers that real spaceships execute. Don’t be fooled by the cute looks of the kerbals, this excellent simulation game will break your head and make you lose track of time.

For all kinds of PC and consoles, so no problem to play it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, the best simulation game ever

Definitely, best simulation game, for realism, story, scope and fun is he Microsoft Flight Simulator. Its first version has just turned 39 years old and, since it came out in November 1982, it has always been the most realistic simulation experience possible.

With current technology, and in its latest 2020 version, you can see every detail of the multiple flying devices at your disposal, as well as those of the environment. You can also feel every movement and, if you ever get into the cockpit of any of the available models, you will be able to see where everything is, thanks to its fidelity.

Without a doubt, and for all that, the Microsoft Flight Simulator is the best simulation game ever. Being from Microsoft, it is obviously for PC and Xbox. If you have a Playstation and want to know what it feels like to fly through the clouds, you must be unfaithful to your usual console to get on the Flight simulator.

As you can see, games allow us to be whatever we want, and the best simulation games allow us to be down to the last detail. You are passionate about what you are passionate about, there will always be something for you.

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