The best smart bulbs and lights with the Xiaomi stamp

Surely one of Xiaomi’s best-known products when it comes to smart lights. It is the traditional smart bulb that we can control remotely to turn it on, turn it off and even select a color. It has a power of 6 watts, it is controlled through Mi Home (from Xiaomi) and surely the best thing is its price, since for just 15 euros it is one of the cheapest and best performing bulbs on the market.

Xiaomi Smart Bulb RGB

Xiaomi bulb.

Light bulb with a little more power, since it reaches 10 watts, but it remains quite in line with the other Chinese models. Wireless connectivity via Wifi, control of tone, intensity and color from the mobile thanks to the official Xiaomi application, Mi Home, and the option to connect with our home automation ecosystem created within Alexa, Google or Siri. Its price is somewhat more expensive than the model you have above, but surely we will win with a higher quality bulb.

Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb (Warm White)

Xiaomi bulb.

It is a more traditional model, with that aspect of the bulbs of the whole vineay with a power of 8 watts. It has no color option, only light intensity, and it also has a wireless connection. If you don’t like that of dyeing a room red or green, this is your bulb since, in addition, you can get it for a really low price, just 10 euros.

Yeelight Smart Light

Yeelight Smart Light.

As you know, we can find some Xiaomi models camouflaged under the Yeelight brand and this is the case. It is a model with a power of 8.5 watts, with white light and RGB color options, timer and compatible with Alexa, Google and Siri. In addition, you will be able to change its configuration or create programs with Mi Home, the Chinese home automation app, with which it is compatible.

Xiaomi smart lights

If you don’t want to get involved now to change the light bulbs of the lamps and other lighting accessories in the house, you can choose another alternative in which Xiaomi also moves like fish in the water. And they are the smart lights, which are decorative and useful lamps that can be controlled remotely with the mobile, thanks to their wireless connectivity. They are perfect for desks, bedside tables and anywhere in the house where some direct light is needed to give that feeling of intimacy and comfort that we seek when working, writing or reading.

Here are the best alternatives offered by Xiaomi:

My LED Desk Lamp

Xiaomi desk lamp

As its name suggests, this desk lamp will light up your evenings in front of the computer, while you study or at least a book. The smart touch is put by the WiFi connectivity and the possibility to choose the four lighting modes that it offers through the official application. It has a modern and elegant design, so it is perfect in all kinds of environments.

My Bedside Lamp 2

Xiaomi bedside lamp

The option for the bedside table. This cylindrical design lamp illuminates almost the entire body to give a warm and welcoming light. It offers a total brightness of 400 nits, although it is also capable of staying at 2 nits to maintain an accompanying light that does not disturb us when sleeping. It is one of Xiaomi’s highest priced lights, but it is also one of the most complete, and it is that you can pair two units to create relaxing environments with color light sets.

My Motion-Activated Night Light 2

Xiaomi MI Motion-Activated Night LIGHT 2

It has Bluetooth connectivity so we can turn it on or off remotely if we’re going to get up at night. Even so, this peculiar light is activated by movement thanks to its light and infrared sensors that it also incorporates. It is capable of detecting our presence at an angle of 120 degrees and at a distance between five and seven meters to activate automatically only at night. After 15 seconds it will turn off again if it has not detected any more movement, making it a great light to place inside cabinets, stairwells and any passageway.

Xiaomi Smart Ceiling Light

Xiaomi ceiling lamp

A ceiling lamp with a traditional design that allows its remote control by WiFi and Bluetooth. It offers adjustable white light at different temperatures and has a diameter of 32 centimeters and, as in all cases, it will be possible to manage it from the mobile screen.

Other Yeelight Lights Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Home Official App

In addition to Xiaomi’s own products, there are other Yeelight options that are also compatible with the Chinese Mi Home application, so it will be possible to configure and control them from the screen of our smartphone.

These are some of those alternatives that you can buy.

Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

Xiaomi LED Strip

An LED strip with Wi-Fi connection that can be used to illuminate the back of a television, a shelf, a table or any large flat surface. Thanks to its RGB LEDs it will be possible to configure a color tone to our liking, so it is a very eye-catching solution to give a touch of color to your living room, game room or library.

Yeelight Crystal Pendant Light

Xiaomi smart ceiling lamp

It is one of the most attractive lamps in the Yeelight catalogue. With a pendant and very minimalist design, it offers a maximum brightness of 1,700 lumens. It has a consumption of 33W and measures 90 centimeters wide, being able to reach a fall from the ceiling of between half a meter and 1.5 meters.

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