The best smart scales you can buy in August 2022

The bikini operation is already a little far. Nevertheless, keep track of our weight, posture and other aspects can be key in order to detect some diseases prematurely. The smart scales They have a multitude of functions and allow us to keep a fairly complete history of our evolution over time. If you are thinking of getting a good unit, these are the best models sold here in Spain:

Garmin Smart Scale Index S2

It is one of the most expensive smart scales currently on the market, but also the most accurate model with the best build quality.

The Garmin Smart Scale Index S2 scale has perfect integration with the brand’s watch applications, and has a very complete history of the evolution of the user’s weight. Not only will it tell you if you’ve gained or lost weight, but you can also use the app to enter your daily diet and exercise for total control over your weight.

Withings Body+

Withings Body+

For many, the best smart scale that exists right now. There are quite a few points where this device stands out. First of all, its design is meant to be extremely easy to use. The data generated by the Withings Body+ scale is presented in a very simple way in its application, so keeping track of your health will not be a problem.

In addition, it has a lot of different modes to adapt well to each user in the house. can be registered up to 8 different profiles, and has features for pregnant women, babies, and even athlete tracking. The scale automatically recognizes the person who steps on it and there are about 100 applications that support the integration of the data generated by this device.

Withings Body Cardio

Withings Body Cardio

If you thought the model we just told you about was hard to beat, Withings herself still has a scale. More complete in your catalog. This is the Body Cardio model. Unlike the previous one, it is also capable of measuring the heart rate and make a report on cardiovascular health. It is also capable of detecting if we have a good position and measure percentages of water and body fat. These extras may not be worth paying 50% more for the product, but if you want the most complete product on the market, look no further.

Amazfit Aluminum – Smart Scale

Amazfit Smart Scale

With a very elegant design and a price that is not unreasonable, the proposal of this famous Chinese brand is another to take into account. Integrates with Zep app. It has 16 different parameters, ranging from weight to the calculation of our fat, muscle and hydration level, among many other features.

This Amazfit scale can also be helped by the activity wristbands Of the brand. In fact, there is an offer with which we can get the Amazfit Band 5 for a few more euros.

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