The best smartphone stabilizers in 2022

It is now possible to take very high quality photos and videos with your smartphone. But if you want a professional quality result, you will need a stabilizer. In 2022, there are excellent quality models that offer many features and are easily transportable thanks to the use of light and resistant materials. Our buying guide will help you choose the model that’s right for you.

Smartphone stabilizer
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These prices were updated on 01/31/2022 by All4affiliates. They are listed in ascending order and excluding delivery costs. Only the prices displayed at the merchants are authentic.

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These prices were updated on 01/31/2022 by All4affiliates. They are listed in ascending order and excluding delivery costs. Only the prices displayed at the merchants are authentic.

To take the best photos and the best possible videos with your smartphone, you have to give yourself the means. Smartphones are certainly often equipped with an optical stabilizer, but nothing beats a professional stabilizer. These devices make it possible to exploit the full potential of the cameras integrated into our smartphones and which are more and more perfected every year.

No disturbing movement, blurry image. If you’re looking for a good smartphone stabilizer, but don’t know which model to turn to, don’t panic. Here we offer a selection of best stabilizers on the market.


Last stabilizer of the Osmo Mobile line renamed OM for short, the DJI OM 5 brings several modifications compared to version 4 which had changed little compared to 3. One of the main novelties is the introduction an extendable bar and it’s a first in DJI’s line of Osmo Mobile stabilizers. The bar can thus stretch up to 21.5 cm, which makes it possible to reach new angles of shooting.

You can also use the three-axis stabilizer like a selfie stick. Despite the extendable bar, the DJI OM5 is more compact and lighter than its predecessors. It weighs just 290g and that’s largely thanks to the integration of a smaller battery. However, the stabilizer can still last 6 hours, which should be enough in most cases.

Among the still practical features, you have gesture control, Active Track 4 which allows you to choose an element of the frame so that the camera remains automatically centered on it. It is quite simple to use and is an excellent first choice. Among the defects to report, this stabilizer cannot be used to charge your smartphone.

  • Stabilization: 3 axis
  • Dimensions: 264 x 111 x 92mm
  • Weight : 290g
  • Payload : 230g
  • Autonomy: 6 a.m.

Zhiyun Smooth 5


One no longer presents Zhiyun whose stabilizers are among the most popular on the market. With the Smooth 5, the brand evolves its popular series, offering social media players and other serious videographers practical features like a multi-function focus wheel, exposure control, but also different recording modes, including the “GO” mode for Sport.

The Zhiyun Smooth 5 is more compact than the Smooth 4, but its performance has been improved. Thanks in particular to more powerful engines and a better algorithm for wider shooting angle and longer range. This is a 3-axis stabilizer that can accommodate a large number of devices including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and any high-end smartphone. Its supported load is 150 g to 300 g.

Finally, the ZY Cami app offers different features along with creative templates for you to make professional-looking videos. For example, you have the SmartFollow function for automatic object tracking, gesture control or easy Timelapse or Panorama shots.

  • Stabilization: 3 axis
  • Dimensions: 311 x 168 x 52mm
  • Weight : 615g
  • Payload: 300g
  • Autonomy: 4.5 to 12 hrs.

Zhiyun Smooth Q3

In the competitive smartphone gimbal market, even the smallest bonus can be the difference maker. And on this plan, the Zhiyun Smooth Q3 which is a 3-axis stabilizer integrates a torch made up of 4 white LEDs. It is a very practical addition that can act as a projector of light at night, when the lighting conditions are not very optimal for filming or taking photos.

Going back to its primary function, the Zhiyun Smooth Q3 gimbal is a lightweight model that weighs 340 grams and fits easily in one hand. His measurements are 180 x 136 x 40 mm and he is able to accommodate smartphones weighing between 150 and 280 grams. It is therefore compatible with a wide spectrum of smartphones, including the latest iPhones, the Galaxy S21 series or the latest Xiaomi Mi.

Thanks to its 1300 mAh battery, the stabilizer can last at least 7 hours on one charge and the autonomy can go up to 15 hours depending on the intensity of use. You benefit from several recording modes and practical features including automatic object tracking (SmartFollow 3.0). These features are accessible with the ZY CAMI application. This stabilizer offers excellent value for money. Its recommended price is €90, but this price may drop during promotions.

  • Stabilization: 3 axis
  • Dimensions: 279 x 127 x 90mm
  • Weight : 340g
  • Payload : 280g
  • Autonomy: 7 a.m.

DJI Pocket 2


The DJI Pocket 2 is not a smartphone stabilizer per se. This is a stabilized mini camera that will be perfect for people looking for a traditional gimbal. Especially since it is possible, if the small screen of the camera is not comfortable for you to film, to connect a smartphone in order to use its screen as a control. The camera is stabilized on 3 axes to allow you to film smoothly even in motion.

It is equipped with a 64 MP sensor capable of filming at 4K at 60 frames per second. You also benefit from features found on the brand’s traditional stabilizers, in this case the ActiveTrack which blocks the tracking of a subject or a face in the camera lens. The DJI Pocket 2 logically costs more than the brand’s stabilizers. It is available at the price of 369 €.

  • Stabilization: 3 axis
  • Dimensions: 125 x 38 x 30mm
  • Weight : 117g
  • Payload : N / A
  • Autonomy: 2:30 a.m.

Feiyu Vimble 2

FeiyuTech offers here a complete stabilizer, the Vimble 2 which has the particularity of having an extendable bar like the DJI OM 5. The length of the rod once deployed reaches a maximum of 18 cm, enough to exploit more angles when of your catches. This bar also offers it a double function as a selfie stick for more distant shots and in particular for group photos.

Going back to its basic function, the Vimble 2 is 3-axis stabilized and gives you smooth shots when you’re on the move. Like any high-end gimbal, it offers an automatic object tracking feature. The stabilizer weighs 428 g and can accommodate smartphones with a maximum weight of 210 grams. This payload theoretically excludes the largest smartphones, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

  • Stabilization: 3 axis
  • Dimensions: 320 x 180 x 110mm
  • Weight : 428g
  • Payload : 210
  • Autonomy: 5 a.m.

🤔Why a smartphone stabilizer?

The sensors of our smartphones improve every year a little more. They have become a good alternative to traditional cameras for capturing professional quality photos and videos. A top-of-the-line iPhone or Google Pixel or Galaxy is now more than enough to produce top quality videos for YouTube, Instagram and other social networks.

However, even the most high-end, despite the optical stabilizer of their sensors, struggle to take sharp images when the user or the subject being filmed is in motion. To get the best footage when filming for YouTube or an important event, you’ll need a smartphone stabilizer. Good news, there are quality models that don’t cost much. Our buying guide offers you a selection of the best options.

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