The best sound experience on Apple TV: check out these accessories

Aspects to consider

When purchasing a sound system to use with your Apple TV, you have to take into account a series of very important points. First of all, you have to be clear what kind of device is the one you want, since thanks to the different options that exist in the market you can use from speakers until sound bars spectacular. That is the first point that you have to assess and think carefully.

The second is how to connect this or these devices to your Apple TV. As you know, Apple has developed the technology Airplay 2, which facilitates and enhances the sound experience with all Apple devices. However, many speakers and soundbars are not yet compatible with this technology but they also offer fantastic sound quality. In these cases you will have to connect them in some cases via bluetooth and in others even to the television through which you are going to reproduce the content. Therefore, this point you have to take into account when deciding on one alternative or another.

Use these speakers for your Apple TV

We begin this compilation with a type of product that, in the first place, is capable of offering fantastic sound quality, and that is also the most versatile alternative that you can obtain since, usually, due to its size, it will be a product that you can use. next to your Apple TV, but also next to other devices and in other places. So it seems one of the best options if you want to make an investment to take advantage of it together with other devices.

Sonos One SL Smart Speaker

Without a doubt one of the most prestigious brands in the world of sound is Sonos, in addition, fortunately for Apple users, the range of products compatible with AirPlay 2 is very large, which means a tremendous advantage to be able to have products that offer such high sound quality and that in addition, in terms of connectivity, they are ideal to use together with Apple devices.

In this case, this Sonos One SL is a really powerful speaker that has AirPlay 2 technology. Enjoy a compact and very attractive design. Offers two digital amplifiers that are perfectly matched to acoustic architecture and tuning trueplay automatic, to be able to adapt the sound to any room. It is also ideal to acquire two identical speakers and put them each next to the Apple TV since they can be connected between them and generate that sensation of immersive sound.

Yamaha WX-021

Yamaha WX-021

We changed the brand and now we are going to Yamaha, another of the manufacturers that has a great reputation in the world of musical accessories, and a good example of this is this fantastic speaker. At the design level, there is little to reproach this device, since just by looking at it we can appreciate how well cared for all the details, undoubtedly one of the most elegant options.

If we talk about the connectivity offered by this Yamaha speaker, it should be noted that Apple users who have been attracted to it are in luck since it has Airplay, so you can seamlessly connect this speaker to all your devices, including Apple TV. In addition you also have the possibility of connect other devices via Bluetooth and Multiroom technology.

Sonos Move Smart Speaker

Sonos Move Smart

We are going to talk about a Sonos product again, and I already tell you that it is not the last of this compilation, we have already commented that it is one of the manufacturers that puts more and better sound options on the table for all Apple users. Aesthetically, this speaker is quite similar to the Sonos One, but it raises the level a little more, and also the price, as it cannot be otherwise.

At the connection level, Sonos once again offers the best for Apple devices since it has AirPlay 2. This is a speaker with waterproof, something that if you are going to use it together with the TV does not have much relevance, but if you are going to want to give it that versatility it offers, it is undoubtedly a point very in its favor. In addition, it also has a connection with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sound bars, a perfect alternative

We are leaving the world of loudspeakers and are now focusing on solutions designed and developed to consume multimedia content on a television and which, therefore, are the devices best adapted to this type of entertainment. Sound bars undoubtedly raise the level of sound that all users can enjoy with their television, whether to watch a concert or to enjoy any series or movie. Here are some of the best alternatives you can find.

Samsung Sound Bar HW-A430

Samsung WH-A430

The first soundbar we want to talk to you about is, without a doubt, one of the cheaper alternatives that you can find and that offer great sound quality. In addition, it is also accompanied by a subwoofer, a combination that will delight all users. Aesthetically they have a very conservative design that will provide elegance and that is very in line with the Apple TV.

Regrettably, does not have AirPlay 2 technology, although it is not really a very serious problem since you can easily connect both devices to your television. It has a sound Dolby Digital 2ch, and a power of 270W, bass boost and even a mode play for all users who also want to use it with their console or, why not, with Apple Arcade games on their Apple TV.

Samsung Sound Bar HW-Q600A

Samsung WH-Q600A

We continue with one of the alternatives offered by the Asian giant and that raises the level of the soundbar that we have talked about previously. It has Dolby Atmos, so the sound quality that you can enjoy with this sound bar will be truly incredible. But beware, the soundbar does not come alone, since it also another speaker is included that perfectly complements the sound emitted by the bar.

In addition to Dolby Atmos technology it also has a three-dimensional sound astonishingly realistic so that all users can enjoy cinematic sound. This is possible because the multidirectional sound has three channels, of which two are dedicated to Dolby Atmos, and also the subwoofer. This generates an immersive and multidimensional experience.

JBL Bar 5.1 Surround – 5.1 Soundbar

JBL 5.1

If we talk about sound, a brand that can practically never be absent due to the great audio quality it offers through its different products is JBL. In this case, it makes a sound bar and a subwoofer available to all users to give your Apple TV that power and audio quality that a device with these characteristics deserves.

Offers up to 510W of power without the use of cables. It has surround speakers and wireless that work through connection Bluetooth, so you can not only use it with your television but also with other devices such as the iPhone or iPad. It has 4k connection real with three HDMI inputs and one HDMI ARC output so you have the feeling of immersing yourself in your own living room.

Sonos PBASEWH – Multiroom TV Base

Sonos Base TV

Sonos re-enters the scene, in this case with a slightly different product than the ones we have talked about so far. We can really think of it as a soundbar, but the reality is that joins two products in one. On the one hand, it works as a Sound bar for your Apple TV, but at the same time it also provides a base to place your television, that is to say, a wonderful two in one.

This product is specially designed for televisions that have a table support, and it is also compatible with most television remote controls. He is able to hold up to 35 kg of weight. At the sound level, it offers 3 tweeters, 6 mid-range and one recording with the possibility of creating a 5.1 sound equipment. It also has the possibility to configure the surround sound channel 3.0.

Bose – Soundbar 700

Bose - Soundbar

Bose enters the scene. One of the brands that manufactures the best sound products has in its catalog a sound bar that seems like one of the best alternatives you can find to use with your Apple TV. At the design level it is tremendously simple and elegant, you also have it available in both white and black.

This soundbar offers a surround sound and ones deep bass so that you can enjoy all the multimedia content you consume through your Apple TV, as well as in the best possible way, through AirPlay 2. You also have available Spotify Connect, as well as Alexa and Google Assistant integrated. It has Voice4Video technology which will allow you to control the TV with your voice.

Sonos ARC – Smart Soundbar

Sonos ARC

We had already warned you that Sonos was going to have an important presence in this post and now it reappears with this smart soundbar, the Sonos ARC. Without a doubt, if you want to create a home theater room, this is the sound bar that you have to install next to your television to enjoy the best possible sound experience.

It has a very elegant design that makes it look like another decorative element. Inside it hides eleven speakers that offers a very wide sound field, able to give a multidimensional, deep sound and full of nuances. Offers Dolby Atmos, sound in three dimensions and even voice control.

JBL Bar 9.1 Soundbar

JBL 9.1

We end this compilation with another JBL alternative, which in this case raises the level considerably by offering not just one Sound bar, but accompanies her with a subwoofer and two speakers more to be able to create that experience 9.1 Thanks to its powerful JBL Original Pro Sound sound without using cables. With this equipment you can create a movie theater in your home.

It has surround speakers and wireless via Bluetooth, so it is also perfectly compatible with both your iPhone and your iPad, in addition to the Apple TV, of course. It also offers Dolby Atmos, as well as the ability to connect your Apple devices through Airplay 2, something very to take into account.

Which option sounds better?

As is tradition, whenever we make this type of compilation we want to tell you which of the different options proposed is the one that convinces us the most. Obviously, this is a personal opinion of the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, which may or may not coincide with yours.

First of all, if we have to keep one of the speakers of which we have spoken to you at the beginning of this post, the chosen one would be the Sonos move since, in case you want to transport it and use it in different environments, the resistance to water provides tremendous tranquility, beyond the fact that the sound it offers is a true marvel. Regarding the sound bars, the product that has convinced us the most is offers Bose with its soundbar 700, both for the design and for the sound quality of Bose.

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