The best Spider-Man LEGOs you can buy right now

Since then, there have been many sets that have covered the most important moments, movies, and comics. That includes the fact that, as you know by now, there are many Spider-men different in the Marvel and LEGO universe has reflected them as well.

So that you do not mess up, we have selected the best Spider-Man LEGOS And, of course, we start with the ones that are having the most success right now.

The LEGOs of the new Marvel MCU movies

If what you like is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s MCU, LEGO has several sets set in this current version of the character.

Nothing better than starting this review with the most current, the set of Spider-man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man in Sanctuary (Spider-Man: No Way Home)

In this set, you can rebuild the Sanctuary of Doctor Strange and recreate the adventures narrated in the last film, Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Includes 4 figures: Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, MJ and Wong, plus many of the items from the Supreme Sorcerer’s headquarters. It also comes with a spectacular gripping claw monster to contend with.

With the set number 76185 and 355 pieces, without a doubt it is the most current LEGO Spider-Man.

Spider-Man vs. Mysterio

If the one you like is the movie Spider-Man: Far from Home, in which Peter Parker faces the mighty Mysterio, then get hold of these two sets that we present to you.

The first is Drone attack, which includes one of said drones from the movie, a vehicle and Spider-Man, Mysterio and Nick Fury figures.

With 73 pieces and set number 76184, It is very simple.

And if you want to recreate more scenes, you have the Mysterio’s Threat building set. Here we already leave the MCU movie and make a crossover.

Comes with Spider-Man helicopter, a Spider-Girl figure, Mysterio’s robot and a supervillain doll, plus some accessories.

LEGO Spider-Man Homecoming, The Duel of the Drone

If you want to complete the MCU trilogy, you would have the first movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. In this case, LEGO has a set whose main figure is the big drone that appears in the film.

Also has Spider-Man dolls with black suits and the Vulture with his full suit and wings.

A very simple set, with number 76195 and 198 pieces.

The most spectacular and complete Spider-Man

Best Spiderman LEGOS

If you are a true fan, who has not only been hooked on the latest movies, the truth is that LEGO has some sets that will delight fans.

In them, they recreate different versions of Peter Parker in the comics, plus famous places and villains.

And we start with the most successful and varied set.

Attack on the Arachnid Lair, the best Spider-Man LEGO

If you want the most complete Spider-Man set what LEGO has made, without a doubt that is the Attack on the Arachnid Lair.

It reproduces the Spider-Man headquarters, where you can find various legendary Spider-Man costumes (including Iron-Man’s), plus cobwebs, security screens, a motorcycle, a PlayStation, and even a basketball hoop to play with.

Of course also includes two of the most legendary baddies of the saga. On one side, the green Goblin who is undoubtedly the most iconic villain in comics. On the other, we have the most charismatic, Venom, Spider-Man’s enemy / ally, with which he has had some of the most mythical stories.

With set number 76175 and 466 piecesIt is one of the largest Spider-Man LEGOS out there, although not the one with the most pieces, as we will see later.

Motorcycle rescue, with Carnage

It’s impossible not to talk about legendary Spider-Man showdowns and Carnage not showing up.

The best way to reproduce his epic battles is to get hold of the set Motorcycle rescue. This includes Spider-Man figures in two suits (red and black), as well as a spectacular recreation of Carnage, next to a motorcycle to Spidey.

If you catch a small set with the Venom figure, you will already have the whole family.

His serial number is 76113 and contains 235 pieces. LEGO no longer makes it, but you can still find units in the store.

The LEGOs of Spider-Man’s Mech

Some of the most spectacular Spider-Man LEGOs are those that reproduce the arachnid robotic armors, also known as Spider-Man-Mech. These help Spider-Man when the enemies are especially big and strong.

We recommend above all two. Of course, the first is the Peter Parker’s Classic Spider-Man-Mech.

With set number 76146 and 152 pieces, includes robotic armor and a figure of the most popular Spider-Man.

But if you are from the new generations, do not miss the version of the Mech by Miles Morales. Personally, we find it cooler.

His reference number is 76171 and has only 125 pieces, so it is ideal to give to the little ones.

Other Spider-Man characters

LEGOS based on movies and comics not only focus on settings and adventures, they also tend to give the ability to build character busts.

The Spider-Man LEGOS could not be less and these are the best of some of the protagonists.

Venom’s bust

The Most spectacular character LEGO It is, without a doubt, the one that reproduces the bust of Venom, one of the most important characters in the saga. So much so that he has had enormous solo success.

With an excellent level of detail, and including its long red reptile-like tongue, it will turn heads.

His set number is 76187 and contains 565 pieces, making it the most blocky Spider-Man set.

The Carnage bust

If it is the dark and evil side that attracts you, then the LEGO that reproduces the bust of Carnage it is what you are looking for.

His red skin and black teeth are perfectly reflected in a LEGO set that will not come cheap, but it will be worth it.

With set number 76199 and 546 pieces, it will disturb the few who still dare to visit your home.

As you can see, the variety of Spider-Man LEGOs is very wide and you have everything from complex sets that will challenge you, such as busts, to toys that will delight the little ones.

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