The best Spider-man movie (for many) comes to Disney +, do you know when?

On June 23, Marvel fans were given news that we had been waiting for years, and that is that throughout the month of July a series of feature films starring spider-man will begin to arrive everyone’s favorite to the Disney + platform. Yes, yes, the same one that you wear and wear and that is still in the hands of Sony Pictures.

This is quite a milestone as far as Spider-Man is concerned since, unlike other Marvel movies such as those belonging to the UCM or even those of the Fox Mutant Universe, those starring Peter Parker were retained by Sony Picturessince this company is the owner of the film rights of the character, as well as all its derivative versions, the different visions of the hero in the multiverse and, of course, his gallery of villains, which is one of the most populated and popular among comic fans.

A new universe opens

Of all that has been announced, what has excited the fans the most has been the inclusion on the platform of the film by Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse (either Spider-Man A New Universe in Spain). This feature film, which premiered in 2018, has today become an instant classic in superhero movies, thanks to the original approach to its story, its end-of-the-century characters and, as a defining element, its animation that seems to be a mix between the most modern 3D and the classic, the traditional 2D typical of end-of-the-century films, although respecting a 100% drawing style % comic.

It was so well valued at the time that it has enviable scores, not only based on comics. In portals like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb it shows a score of 97% and 8.4, respectively, surpassing renowned films such as avengers endgame either The dark knight. On a financial level, things did not go badly at the box office either, achieving a global collection of more than 350 million dollars.

In fact, such was the repercussion of the tape that Sony Pictures Animation has big plans for the franchise, with the idea of ​​releasing two more films in 2023 and 2024, as well as the creation of several television series spin off starring characters like Spider Gwen. Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse coming to Disney+ next July 8, 2022.

Disney + is full of cobwebs

But this animated film will not be the only thing that will hit the platform in relation to Spider-Man, but also we will have the first film starring Tom Holland, Spider-Man Homecomingas well as the Sam Raimi trilogy from the beginning of the century (as a curious fact, Spain is one of the few countries that will receive Disney + Spider-Man 3) and, finally, the spin-off movie of the Venom character, starring Tom Hardy. These films live action we can enjoy them from July 1, 2022.

And you? Do you think that we will soon have all the Spider-Man movies on Disney + as normal?

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