the best SSD hard drive almost given away

If we have been thinking about changing our computer for some time, but our economy does not allow it, we should consider whether we can extend the life of our computer even more, either by expanding the RAM memory or replacing the hard drive with an SSDthis last change being the cheapest and the one that will offer us the best results.

The. SSDs store information digitally instead of on a spinning disk like traditional HHDs, so access to information is immediate. In this way, we will not only reduce the time it takes for the computer to start up, but also the time it takes to open applications will also be considerably reduced. If we talk about SSD, we cannot talk about any manufacturer.

Samsung, SanDisk and Crucial are the most recognized manufacturers in this field. Although it is true that there are other alternatives, from Softzone we do not recommend them since the durability and speed of both writing and reading are very different. If we are looking for an SSD to give our PC a new life, at Amazon we find the Crucial 480 GB model with a 34% discount, with its final price being 40.99 euros.

480 GB Crucial SSD for 40.99 euros

The Crucial 480GB SSD is 2.5-inches in size making it ideal for laptops, but can also be mounted on desktops with the appropriate adapter. According to the manufacturer, it has a data transfer speed, both reading and writing, of up to 540MB per secondbut one of the fastest on the market. Includes STA connection so it is compatible with both 10-year-old equipment on the market (even some more) and the most current models. If you have recently bought a computer with HDD instead of SSD, with this change you will notice an incredible improvement in all aspects.

Crucial SSD offer

If we don’t have computer knowledge, and just the idea of ​​installing Windows makes us go back, you should know that, with the different applications to clone hard drives, we can replace the HDD with the new SSD and start the computer to continue working without having to make any changes to the operating system, just click on the button to turn on the computer and see if it really was worth the change.

The 1TB model is also on sale

If our space needs are somewhat higher, we can also take advantage of the offer of the model with capacity for 1 TB, a model that we can find for 77.76 euros, with a 26% discount on its usual price that exceeds 100 euros.

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