The best thing about the Uncharted trailer is seeing Antonio Banderas with a ham

We’ve waited a long time to see Tom Holland get into the Nathan Drake role, and finally we have with us the first official trailer of the Sony movie and PlayStation Productions. But you know what? It seems that attention is not being taken by the frantic action of the new clip, but that as always, a new meme is starring in the launch.

What does Antonio Banderas do with a ham?

That is the question that Irene asked herself for a few moments when she saw the official images of the film that had been posted on the official website. In them, we can see Antonio Banderas, who will play the role of the terrible bad guy, who seems to be interested in the treasure location that Drake intends to find. Well, it seems that Banderas will make things difficult for Holland in the film, and in one of the promotional images we can see the actor reviewing what could be the treasure map. But wait. Is that a map … or a ham?

– Irene (@_IreneRG) October 21, 2021

With a tweet, Irene wanted to show the world what she had seen for the first time when seeing the image, and it seems that not only she sees the magnificent piece of charcuterie in the photo. The tweet has already accumulated more than 1,000 retweets and 7,000 likes, and there are already those who have dared to modify the image to make it look as it truly appeared in our heads (because yes, we have also seen a first-rate ham).

The trailer has opinions of all kinds

In general, the trailer has had a very good reception, but as expected, there have been negative opinions with protests of all kinds. One of the most repeated is related to Sully’s mustache, and that is that Mark Wahlberg does not wear the unmistakable Victor Sullivan mustache, something that certainly shocks if you are familiar with the saga.

The film will be released next February 18 in theaters, so there is less and less to see in action this flesh and blood Nathan Drake. Expectations are very high, but we must admit that the trailer has already revealed touches that correspond exactly to the experience and setting that we have always lived in Uncharted games. Will it be at the level that we all expect?

The Rubius appears in the trailer

Rubius Uncharted

Another of the surprises that the trailer hid is the presence of a renowned influencer. And it is that the very Rubius collaborates with Sony again to appear in the Uncharted movie. We do not know exactly the implication that it will have, and everything indicates that it will not happen more than a quick scene in the streets of Barcelona, ​​since as we have seen, Uncharted will take us to the surroundings of the magic fountain of Montjuïc, and it will be there when we can see Rubén Doblas briefly.

If we pay attention to the words of El Rubius in his tweet, it seems that indeed the appearance will be testimonial, and we will see if he articulates any words in front of the camera.

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