The best transport backpacks to carry your Xbox Series X and S

Take your Xbox Series X everywhere.

What is the ideal transport backpack?

As we already mentioned in the case of the article on the best backpacks to transport your PS5, the shortage of machines in the market is causing them to arrive with a dropper and, therefore, there are still many users who have not been able to do with one. This has a direct consequence: either we have to organize all the weekend get-togethers at home to enjoy video games, or sometimes we have to go on our own with the machine to visit our friends. And on top of that, the Xbox Series X does not weigh exactly little.

That is why, in the same way that we bought a second controller to enjoy FIFA with a friend, it has become essential to look at a backpack with which to transport the entire set in a comfortable and safe way, and without space problems. Oh! And if you have an Xbox Series S, don’t worry, we also have an interesting alternative. Even so, we are going to tell you what elements we value positively when choosing one of these transport bags.

  • Security: It is one of the essential aspects since the first thing we look for is that the entire journey that we carry the console is safe inside the backpack. So if you prioritize this feature, keep in mind that you may also have to condition other issues such as price.
  • Transport: depending on the way we go to our friends’ house, or to a second residence in the mountains or on the beach, we will prefer a more compact bag to carry on our back or a larger one to put in the trunk of the car and that’s it . What is your favourite? Something manageable to go down the street without problems? You also have to decide this.
  • Compartments and pockets: It is important that the backpack we choose has the necessary sections to carry everything we need. Unlike PS5, Xbox Series X and S do not have a support to keep the console standing (or lying down), so that’s what we save to carry other things, such as helmets for online games.
  • Price: We cannot ignore that as important as all of the above is what it is going to cost us, and that it will depend a lot on the budget that we impose on ourselves. As always, the better the features, the higher the price, so it’s up to you to assess to what extent it’s worth opting for one model or another.

These are the best bags for Xbox Series X and S

Unlike PS5, which has two models on the market (the standard and the digital) with practically identical dimensions, the same does not happen with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This second one is smaller than the main model and that shows, not only in weight, but also in the requirements that we are going to ask of the bag. So in case one day you consider having both (one for the living room and one for the bedroom), surely the best option is to choose a compatible model also with the X Series.

These are the five that we have selected:


SHBC Backpack for Xbox Series X.

Made with a hard and shock resistant case, It is a fairly compact model. and that it does not offer a backpack-style design. Of course, inside we can carry the console a couple of gamepads and all the cables. It is an alternative that prioritizes security over any other feature.

USA Gear

USA Gear Backpack for Xbox Series X.

This bag with the possibility of carrying it on the shoulder prefers to offer us a greater number of compartments to store our entire Xbox Series X set: the console itself, two gamepads, the cables and even extra space for good headsets or, why not, physical games or disks, depending on the organizer we have.


Aniceday backpack model.

If you want to transport your Xbox Series X in the most basic way possible, this model is undoubtedly the one you are looking for. First, because it has just enough to carry the console, a gamepad and cables, and then because its backpack design makes it perfect for those cases in which you go to friends’ houses on foot or by public transport.


co2CREA backpack for Xbox Series S.

Obviously we couldn’t forget Xbox Series S, which has some specific alternatives on the market. This fits like a glove to carry everything you need, such as the machine itself, two gamepads, the cables and everything that fits inside the upper mesh. It is designed to withstand shocks and that the console does not suffer any damage when we carry it from one place to another.


Enhance Backpack for Xbox Series X.

And finally, an extraordinarily versatile backpack model, that combines the possibility of carrying the console, two gamepads, cables and up to six game discs. That without cutting another compartment that it has in the upper part where we can also fit some headphones with a microphone. Can one ask for more?

What is our recommendation?

Analyzing all the alternatives that we have selected for you, and combining the characteristics that we require them to have, We are going to give you a recommendation based on your possible needs. So if you have things clear, this is the backpack that you should buy based on:

  • If you have an Xbox Series S, there is no doubt: the c02CREA model is the right one, although any of the others can also serve you, despite the fact that it has not been expressly designed for this machine.
  • In the case of an Xbox Series X that you want to shield so as not to suffer damage, the best alternative is the SHBC model, which, on top of that, is one of the cheapest.
  • If you prefer portability and, in addition, the price, then you have to stay with the Aniceday model, which is very basic but efficient and manageable.
  • The most complete models, but also the ones that are going to be more expensive, have a little of each required feature, such as those of USA Gear and Enhance, which offer extra space for accessories and even game discsso it will be easier to take the entire set in one trip without needing the help of any other bag.

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