The best Valentine’s gift? The iPhone 13 at this price

The long-awaited Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if this year you still don’t have a gift for your partner and you want to leave them speechless, in this post we bring you a fantastic solution, since MediaMarkt has the iPhone 13 discounted to an incredible price, but hurry, the offer does not last forever.

Is it a good idea to buy the iPhone 13 now?

When buying an iPhone there are always two trends, the first is that of those who want the latest of the latest, which in this case are the iPhone 14, or rather, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, and another that it tends to be the cheapest you can find in the Apple Store, with the iPhone 12 being the winner in this case. However, as they say, in the middle is really sanity and the best optionwhich in this case is the iPhone 13, and well, in the end it all depends on the needs of the users, but we already anticipate that this device is ideal for many people.

iPhone 13 mini cameras

The most common thing, when buying a new iPhone is to try to find the best value for moneyand without a doubt, if right now we had to give an award that corresponded to it among all the models that Apple has in its stores, the winner would be the iPhone 13. In addition, something really strange has happened with this device, and that is that It has positioned itself as a great option thanks to the launch of the iPhone 14.

This is because really the iPhone 14 is an iPhone 13 with three or four more details which, for the typical user of this device, are not worth it, especially considering that there is a considerable price difference between them. Therefore, taking into account that at the level of screen, cameras and batteryare practically identical, it is much more advisable and recommended to buy the iPhone 13 and save yourself a good amount of money, since you can also be completely sure that you will have a top-of-the-range device that will not only offer you great features but also it will last for many years. That said, if you also want to buy it cheaper than Apple, keep reading this post.

discount available

The price has been a fundamental factor so that the iPhone 13 is positioned as one of the best possible options for users, although everything really comes from a rebound, because it is the iPhone 14 that has caused all this movement. In Apple you can buy this device for 909 euroswhich is the same price it had when those from Cupertino launched it more than a year ago.

iPhone 13

Now, if the fact that Apple has not lowered the price of this equipment after the launch of the new iPhone 14 does not seem fair to you, do not worry, we have the solution for it, since MediaMarkt has a great offer that leaves the price of this iPhone 13, in all its colors, for 829 euros. Being also, for the dates in which we are, a great Valentine’s gift.

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