The best value for money iPhone is now even cheaper

iPhone XR, an opportunity to pay little for it

Until just a month ago, Apple continued to keep the iPhone XR in its catalog, a device that was launched in 2018 and that despite this is still a very good option as we will tell you later. The first thing we want to highlight is the little money you could pay with it if you look at refurbished Amazon phones. In this place they are now even cheaper than they used to be, offering discounts of 80 euros in many of its versions.

Currently it is possible to find this device in its color blue, yellow, red, coral, white or black at extremely competitive prices of around 370 euros, which should be added if you choose a capacity greater than the 64 GB of storage that it has as a base. The 128 and 256 GB versions, although they go up in price, are also very inexpensive options.

iphone xr

What does it mean to be reconditioned?

Buying a new iPhone literally means that, getting a device that has not been opened since it left the factory. A reconditioned one, which it is not the same as second hand, It is a device that despite having had a previous owner, has been completely restored in those most important points in which one looks when buying an iPhone: general condition, screen and battery. Although it is true that they can incorporate some slight mark of use, this is not always the case and it is always a matter of being very small and hardly noticeable.

Amazon, as do other companies specializing in refurbishing mobile devices, fine-tunes the phone with various performance tests that give it optimal functionality so that the buyer feels that they are releasing the iPhone. They are also sold with all accessories originals and a 1 year warranty in which possible inconveniences that may arise are covered.

IPhone XR screen

What this mobile has to remain TOP

Looking at the iPhone 13 of this 2021, it is logical that this ‘XR’ is seen as an old mobile. But nothing is further from reality, since it is still a device with more than valid functionalities in these times. A camera that allows to obtain great results and even with Portrait Mode to people. A stabilized video recording that outperforms even some high-end ranges on the market today and a processor which is still highly efficient. All this with a autonomy that can give enough to spend a day without remembering the charger.

A device that also has a modern look thanks to its 6.1 inch screen protagonist on the front and that, despite the fact that it is made of LCD technology, it continues to be seen very well in any light circumstance. Was the best selling smartphone of 2019 and in 2020 and 2021 it has continued to be in the ranking, which gives good faith that it is still a very interesting terminal and even more so now at such a tempting price.

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