The best video games to play sports and get fit

Just Dance

For almost a decade we have been enjoying this saga that invites us to dance and perform choreographies using a movement control and even the mobile phone, just as it happens with the latest versions that have introduced it. In order to get the best score, we will pay special attention to performing the poses that they ask us which will lead us to burn more fat than we would like while we enjoy the most current and danceable musical themes.

Believe, Rise to Glory

This title for PlayStation VR is not that it is a game focused on helping us burn fat, but its development invites us to do it as soon as we have a few fights. Between the VR device and the motion controls (the PS Move on PS3, remember) we’ll be able to sweat a lot while we make our way by winning combats with a clean slap and, above all, dodging the hooks that the opponent throws at us.

Beat Saber

If you want to move and at the same time think that you are some kind of Jedi, then this game is for you. Focused for a virtual reality experience, Thanks to the movement control we will be able to fight sword in hand against everything that the game sends us and move in all directions burning energy as if it would not cost. It is a title that will invite you to exercise practically without realizing it.


Unlike PlayStation, a good part of the Xbox One park has an ally in Kinect for these tasks of exercising with the console. Yes indeed, Xbox Series X | S have shed their dependence on this accessory and it will not be possible to connect it. Even so, if you keep the camera around the house, you have some games that we invite you to try with the old console, if only to have the machine as a place to go to exercise daily.

Just Dance

What to say about this title that you have available on all Xbox machines and that allows us to dance wildly with what is the most important catalog of songs that you will find on the market. An essential game that does not end only with the 2022 version: It will continue in 2023 and if you want to experiment with previous versions, you have a good string of releases going back almost a decade.


Developed by Ubisoft, It is a title focused on getting the exercise bug into our bodies and practice training tables supervised by an expert. The good thing about it is that at all times they guide us on the postures we adopt, whether they are correct or not, which helps us to do what they ask us each time with a more refined technique, which translates into fat burning intensive. You will need an Xbox One with Kinect.

Nike Kinect Training

The same we are already going back too far, but this title originally came out for Xbox 360 so together with the Kinect camera it is possible to carry out trainings supervised by experts. This makes it easier for us to focus on stressing specific areas of the body and verify that we are completing everything that they indicate to us correctly. If you are very interested and have both that console and the accessory, it is a good time to go shopping Nike Kinect Training second-hand to start the bikini operation from today.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013

Launched taking advantage of the arrival of Xbox One, this title also makes use of Kinect and brings a table of 125 different exercises that we can practice in different degrees of intensity. As in the case of the previous ones, the camera will be able to tell us how well or how badly we are doing, to achieve optimal calorie burning and turn training into an instant of pleasurable suffering. Or not?


If on Xbox and PlayStation we have gone back more than necessary in time, it is precisely because in the new generations there are no alternatives as such specifically designed for PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, so look to the past. However, on Nintendo Switch the news is unbeatable because it is where we find the largest and best catalog of options thanks to the presence of Joy-Con motion controls in the standard models of the console (not so in the Switch Lite). Let’s go with them:

Nintendo Switch Sports

Recently appeared in stores, it is the typical Japanese game where, with the excuse of competing against friends or family in eight sports (soccer, tennis, paddle tennis, volleyball, badminton, bowling, etc.) we are going to beat ourselves up to sweat of those that make time. This title is a clear heir to another smash hit like that mythical one at the time Wii Sports from 2006.

Just Dance

As in the case of PlayStation, we can dance to the rhythm of the best songs of the moment, taking the Joy-Con and moving them through the air to place the arms in the position that they indicate to us, If you put a soul to it you will see how you sweat and quickly notice that you feel lighter. TRUE?

Zumba Burn it up!

Yes Just Dance is the video game series by definition to dance and burn calories, this Zumba Burn it up! it is an outstanding student who also relies on the same ingredients to make us lose fat. Now, as its name suggests, focuses above all on bringing home the typical Zumba classes how popular they have become in recent years among those who want to stay in shape. A more than recommended game to keep the weight at bay.

fitness boxing

Nintendo Switch now has two titles in this series, which they come to bring us fitboxing workouts of those that have become so fashionable in many gyms and that combine hitting with the movement of dances thanks to the songs that the game plays for us. If you have to opt for one, we recommend Fitness Boxing 2which is more complete and has the most advanced mechanics and training, as well as a much more useful exercise statistics system.

Ring Fit Adventure

We leave for the end what is, surely, the best title we can find right now to exerciseor playing with a console. A great idea from Nintendo that brings us a fun accessory that we already told you about that you will end up hating. Especially if you take seriously the challenges that it offers us and that intelligently camouflages them with actions that are so common in video games such as eliminating enemies or gaining speed by pressing both ends.

If you have a Nintendo Switch it is, by far, the best of all and if you have not bought it yet, you are taking time to do so if your desire to lose weight is serious and you want a tool that mixes the requirement of a good exercise with the fun of a video game.

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