The best way to avoid scratches on your iMac screen

upscreen Matte Screen Protector

We start the compilation with the option that puts the upscreen brand on the table. It is a screen protector with a matte finish, which will provide you, apart from a protective layer for the screen that will allow you to isolate it from possible scratches that it may suffer, avoid those reflections unwanted when working and that occur when light falls on the screen.

In addition, it not only has the characteristic of being anti-glare, but it is also anti-fingerprint, so if you are a person who usually touches your computer screen frequently, with this protective film you can do it with the peace of mind that later you will not have to clean it to remove fingerprints.

upscreen Screen Protector

upscreen iMac 21.5 anithuellas

We return with another option offered to all users of a 21.5-inch iMac by the upscreen brand. In this case, it is intended for all users who do not like the matte finish of the previous option and prefer a much more traditional finish than simply bring that extra protection to the screen from your computer.

Obviously, it does not have the possibility of avoiding the reflections that light can generate in it, but it will allow you to have the screen of your iMac fingerprint free, so that you do not have to be cleaning it practically daily. It is a protector that is fully optimized for high resolution screens.

SenseAGE Privacy Screen Filter


One of the characteristics that we mentioned that you have to take into account when choosing the screen protector for your Mac is the Privacy. That’s just what this option from the SenseAGE brand gives you, that extra privacy you need if you really want no one to be able to keep an eye on what you do on your Apple computer.

But beware, this is not the only feature that stands out about this protector, since it also has a blue light filter that will prevent your eyes from suffering more than they should despite spending many hours in front of the computer. It is not a product made by and for the iMac, but it is fully compatible given its dimensions.

VistaProtect – Privacy Filter and Anti Blue Light Filter

VistaProtect 21.5

Continuing with the product line that marked the previous option, now comes the VistaProtect brand to bring us one of the screen protectors of higher quality that you can find for your iMac. As you can foresee from the brand name, it is an option that aims to protect the eyes of all users who use the iMac on a daily basis.

It has privacy filter, so that only people who are in front of the iMac can see what is in it, and also with a anti blue light filter to take care of the health of the eyes of those people who spend the day in front of the iMac. It is a screen saver premium, since the quality of it is very high.

For the 24-inch iMac

We are progressing in this compilation and we are increasing the size of the Apple computer screen and, of course, also of screen savers. Now it’s time to talk about different options that you can find to provide that extra protection to your brand new 24-inch iMac.

MOSISO 23-24 inch Screen Protector

MOSIS 23-24

The MOSISO brand is one of the usual ones whenever we talk about accessories for Apple computers. In this case, it offers a very interesting option to provide the 24-inch iMac with a extra protection layer on your screen, and thus avoid possible scratches that it may suffer through daily use.

However, this is not its main function, or at least not the only one, since it also has a anti-blue filter that is, it will be able to protect the health of your eyes. It is not a custom-made product for the iMac, but given its dimensions it is fully compatible with it.

Cobus Visual AntiSpy Filter

Cobus Visual Filter

Surely on many occasions you have noticed that while you were working or performing any action on your iMac, there was someone who was looking at what you were doing. Well if you want that nobody can see what is happening on your computer more than those people who are in front of it, this screen saver has that anti spy protection that is going to be so good for you.

Of course, it is also a product that will offer you that extra layer of protection that will do so well for you to prevent the screen of your Apple computer from suffering any damage during daily use. Another feature that you have to take into account is that this filter reduces ocular incidence of glare and the blue light from the screens.

VistaProtect – Privacy Filter and Anti Blue Light Filter

VistaProtect 24

We return with another product from the VistaProtect brand, and it is that the quality of its screen protectors is very high, so we consider it as one of the best options that you can evaluate for your computer. In the same way that happened for the 21.5-inch model, this product has premium features.

On the one hand it offers that Privacy that many users want to have when using the iMac, either for work or simply for a leisure time. It also has a filter for blue light of the screen itself, in order to take care of the eye health of users who spend long hours in front of the computer.

Recommendations for the 27-inch iMac

Now is the time to equip the older brother of iMac with a good screen protector that is capable of avoiding those scratches resulting from the unwanted blows of the day to day. In addition, as you have seen in the products mentioned so far, protection is not the only thing that these products are capable of giving your computer.

VistaProtect – Premium Privacy Filter and Anti Blue Light Filter

VistaProtect 27

Obviously, if a product stands out for its enormous quality and we have offered it for the 21.5-inch iMac and the 24-inch, we also have to bring it for the 27-inch iMac. The product has about premium materials that are capable of making one of the most complete screen protectors you can buy.

On the one hand you will have that protective layer that works so well so that the iMac screen is always in perfect condition, but beware that this is not the only thing that this product offers. Count with one privacy filter, to avoid the gossips who want to know what you are doing on your computer, and also with a blue light filter to take care of the health of your eyes.

atFoliX Protective Film


Initially this screen protector was launched exclusively for the iMac Pro, but having this with the same dimensions as the 27-inch iMac, it makes the product fully compatible. It is a screen saver that has a film that provides cushioning and a perfect fit for your Apple computer.

Protection is not the only strength of this product, as it will also give you the advantage of forget about those reflections once and for all which can cause light at different times of the day. It will also reduce fingerprints on the screen, keeping the screen clean for much longer.

upscreen 27 »Matte Screen Protector

upscreen 27

Obviously, among all the options that we can offer you to protect the 27-inch iMac screen, at least one had to have that matte finish how much a large part of the users like it. To do this, we once again resort to an option provided by the upscreen brand.

This screen protector for your Apple computer not only provides you with that much-needed extra layer of protection, but also having the Matte finish makes ]. In addition, it is also anti-fingerprint, something that the most careful users will surely celebrate with the cleaning of their computers.

Which one are we left with?

Finally, and as we always do when we carry out a compilation of this type, we have to tell you which of all the options that we have put on the table have convinced us the most. However, you have to know before that it is a completely personal opinion that is based on specific needs and tastes, which may or may not be in line with yours. With that said, here are our preferences.

  • Best screen protector for 21.5-inch iMac: upscreen Screen Protector.
  • Best screen protector for 24-inch iMac: VistaProtect – Privacy Filter and Anti Blue Light Filter.
  • Best screen protector for 27-inch iMac: atFoliX Protective Film.

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