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Right now, everything related to the world of fitness is more on the agenda than ever. Many go to their nearby gyms almost daily to stay in shape, which is not bad at all. But not everyone has the time or means to do this, so we can also exercise right at home.

To be able to go to the gym several times a week or even every day, you first need to pay the corresponding fee, then have time. Both one thing and the other are not always available to everyone. It is precisely for this reason that we can always make the determination to keep fit at home without spending a single euro. For this we are only going to need an internet connection that we will use from mobile or PC.

Obviously we are also going to need a series of platforms that serve as a guide to exercise at home. Generally, these websites that we will talk about below offer us a series of routines coordinated by experts for different tasks related to fitness. Everything will depend on what we are looking for in each case, the time we have, or our current state of shape. Many of these websites provide us with different levels or types of exercises for each case.

Precisely for all this, we will talk about a series of interesting proposals in this regard so that you can exercise at home. Obviously it is also essential that we access these websites that we are talking about from our favorite Internet browser.


In this case, we are facing one of the best-known options of this type for a long time and that offers us all kinds of interesting information to keep fit from home. Here we will find a huge amount of content related to workouts and routines that we can continue without spending a single euro. It should be noted that we will also find information related to our diet and healthy food recipes that will be very helpful for these health-related objectives. Without a doubt, one of the reference websites for this type of task.

Exercises at home

We are also talking about a website that belongs to a prestigious sports media in our country and that offers us all kinds of routines and categories to keep us in shape. In this way we find certain exercises that will help us to lose weight, harden the abdomen or legs, among many other tasks. In this way we only have to select what interests us the most in this sports website where we also find many interesting news related to the subject.


As its name suggests, here we find a virtual gym full of exercises to keep fit from home. Depending on our level here we find different monthly calendars that we can follow to exercise in the most convenient way. One of the most striking elements here is that we have a multitude of videos to follow up and carry out these exercises that we comment on while we see them on the screen.

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