The best Windows 10 antivirus, a video game hacker steals 560 million euros, this is the recap

Windows Defender wins the prize for best antivirus on Windows 10, Deliveroo Plus integrates the Amazon Prime offer, a hacker seizes 560 million euros by hacking a video game, this is the recap ‘of the news of the day before.

microsoft defender
Credit: Microsoft

Two good news, one bad. The good news first: Windows Defender has been crowned best antivirus on Windows 10, while Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to take advantage of the Deliveroo Plus offer for one year. As for the bad: a hacker stole 560 million euros by hacking the Ronin sidechain, on which the game Axie Infinity is based.

Windows Defender, the best antivirus in Windows 10

While it did not look like much a few years ago, Windows Defender is now redistributing the cards in terms of antivirus on Windows 10. In its latest comparison, AVTest simply places the utility as the best protection than the one can get on the operating system. Indeed, the latter obtain the maximum score of 18 out of 18. A faultless antivirus for which excels both in terms of protection and impact on PC performance.

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Deliveroo Plus is now included in the Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon Prime adds a new string to its bow. In addition to free and express delivery, unlimited access to Prime Video and the Amazon Prime Music catalog, subscribers will now be able to count on Deliveroo Plus. Indeed, they will be able to enjoy the benefits of the meal delivery application for one year. The Premium subscription allows you to be exempt from delivery costs for any purchase over 25 €.

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560 million euros in loot after hacking a video game

Axie Infinity is definitely one of the most popular crypto games around. However, who says crypto game says risk of hacking. A hacker walked away with the impressive loot of 173,600 ETH and 25.5 million US dollars, or more than 650 million euros in total after exploiting a vulnerability in the Ronin sidechain, on which Axie Infinity is based.

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