The best wireless headsets for PS5 and PS4 that are on sale today

They are wireless, so you will surely be interested in knowing the autonomy and other aspects. To connect requires a usb dongle which, of course, comes with the package. These headphones offer us up to 15 hours of use and have a charging time of about 5 hours. A micro USB to USB cable is included.

Well, they are a relatively cheap solution, considering that they are wireless. Perhaps the speakers lack a bit of quality, for our liking.

HUHD Wireless 7.1 Headphones

For those looking for something with a little better quality, we bring you this alternative also from HUHD. These headphones are quite similar to the previous ones, but in this case, according to the manufacturer, they offer virtual 7.1 sound. But they have a catch, and that is that the manufacturer does not detail the specifications of the headphones and the microphone, which we assume, being practically the same model, will be the same as the previous ones.

These headphones, as we said, offer us 7.1 surround sound, so as not to lose us, go. In addition, they include noise cancellation technology, something that is always interesting to avoid sounds from outside. The microphonefor its part, You can go at a given moment, something that is very good.

How could it be otherwise, these headphones are compatiblein addition to the PS5, with the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and any computer. It includes a dongle that allows you to connect them to all these platforms. Also, note that these headphones have a autonomy of about 10 hours (somewhat less than the previous model because of being 7.1).

The truth is that, despite not knowing the specifications, they seem better than the previous model. Adding 7.1 sound, which means sacrificing autonomy, is presented as the best solution.

HUHD Wireless 7.1 Headphones

Logitech G435

If you are looking for a high quality and performance solution, you should buy these Logitech headphones. It is one of the reference brands in the peripheral market today. Also, these Logitech G435 They are currently the best sellers on Amazon, so we will not hesitate to buy them.

Do these headphones have speakers with neodymium magnet 40mm They offer a frequency response between 20Hz and 20kHz and an impedance of 45 Ohms, which is great. With respect to microphoneit has a typical response frequency between 100Hz and 8kHz.

Something very interesting is that it comes with a dongle that allows you to use the LIGHTSPEED technology. Thanks to this proprietary Logitech technology, we will have zero latency and a coverage of up to ten meters. According to the autonomythey offer us an uninterrupted use of up to 18 hours. Charging is done through a USB-C connectorso we can use the cable that comes with the package or use any smartphone charger.

It is a great option to purchase these headphones, due to their excellent audio quality and being from a great brand. As a detail, indicate that these headphones have 22% recycled plastic.

Logitech G435

Forgeon General

For those who want great sound quality and a very stylish solution, we bring you these Forgeon headphones. These are characterized by not only a good sound, but also a great design. In addition, they are compatible with the PS5, the Xbox Series X, the Switch, any computer and even a smartphone.

One of the most outstanding aspects of these headphones is their manufacturing. They have been developed to offer a enormous comfort for the user. They have kits of fabric and leather pads to adapt to weather conditions. The microphoneSecondly, You can goso we can use them on the street if we want.

Regarding its characteristics, it has 50mm speakers that cover the range of frequencies since the 20 Hz up to 20 kHz. Additionally, they offer us a sensitivity of up to 100 dB and an impedance of up to 64 Ohms. The microphoneon the other hand, has pop filter and one -38dB sensitivityalthough the frequency range is not specified.

Forgeon indicates that these headphones give a autonomy up to 60 hours, which is brutal. Without a doubt, an excellent option if we are going to spend hours and hours playing.

Forgeon General

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