The big mistakes of Apple TV

Apple TV+ is Apple’s Streaming services platform and its fundamental pillar is quantity rather than quantity, since Apple is not looking for disposable content, but is looking for a long-term project that serves to All series keep quality over the years. Next, we will analyze the aspects that Must improve Apple TV+.

Lack of user profiles and management of viewed content

One of the most significant errors of Apple TV + is its lack of user profilesespecially when it is included in the Apple One plans. All platforms, such as HBO or Disney, have their own individual profiles and it means that the content that one user sees is not disorganized by the arrival of another, because each user has their own tastes and preferences.

It is true that Apple still does not have such a wide catalog and that the objective of the platform is that the whole family see its contents, but that does not mean that each user has their own tastes and that, if each one sees a different one, you have to be looking for your own content every time you enter the app.

Along with the lack of profiles we have to add the repetition constant content, even though we have seen it. This problem is found on all Streaming platforms, but that does not mean that the problem is worsening at Apple because it still has little content.

For example, series like See or Servant appear to me as recommendations when I’ve seen them a long time ago, Why don’t other options appear and I don’t have to be looking for new series? It is rare that a company like Apple has not taken into account details as important as this.

unintuitive interface

Apple TV

One of the reasons why Apple users choose their products is because of their Interface, tremendously simple to use and attractive on all levels. However, the Apple TV+ interface is very little care from a visual and usability point of view, with a content organization, where, on many occasions, you don’t know if the content itself is from AppleTV+ or from a third-party platform.

The categories where the series are found make it difficult to find certain content, mainly due to the content distribution in an inefficient way, where the user has to go point by point looking for the content.

Perhaps it would be more than necessary to establish a system of more detailed content, divided by categories, although some of them fall short of content, but that allows you to find it easily and find documentaries like Prehistoric Planet and movies like Ghosting together when they have nothing to do with it.

You need to hit the content accelerator

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing Apple TV+ is its limited library of series, movies and documentariessince, if you are a user where the new releases do not convince you, you can spend weeks without getting into the app because the content that is there has already been seen or what has happened to you as described above.

It is true that the quality of their productions It is above the main platforms such as Netflix, but that does not mean that the content is insufficient to pay for a subscription, which is why, without Apple One, many users would not have this service and it would be a new failure for Apple.

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