The big problem with the Mac mini M2 and its solution

Same design, same problems

The Mac mini features a minimalist design in silver, maintaining the aesthetics that it already had with Intel processors and that gives it a truly refined and elegant touch, fitting into any environment.

The connectivity is similar to the previous generation, except if you buy the M2 Pro chip, which has 4 Thunderbolt 4 ports instead of 2 as in previous models and generations. As we were saying, the same design as the previous generation, where most analysts have highlighted its benefits, but none of them have noticed a problem and that it is maintained that we are going to analyze next.

The Achilles heel of the Mac mini

The Mac mini is a perfect piece of equipment to work with, but No It is a recommended team if you need to listen to music to develop your projects video or track editing in Logic Pro, since, when you get to work with it, it emits a very canned and low-quality sound compared to any of its products. In fact, it sounds worse than my 2017 MacBook pro, and the Mac mini M1 has the same design as the current generation.

Mac mini 2020 M1 Apple

It is true that it has in its lower part a black color basero that increases its space with respect to the ground. Even so, this elevation does not solve the acoustic problem of this equipment, above all, because it is more intended to prevent the Mac mini from scroll by the work table than to improve the sound.

A possible solution

The problem of this device can be solved from the beginning, since the Mac mini is a computer that does not include monitor, mouse and keyboard, so you have to add it for it to work. If you buy a good monitor, you can solve the audio problem by adjusting the audio output with the new monitor and therefore getting better acoustic quality.

the choice of a external display It depends on the budget you have and the use you are going to give it, since you do not need the same quality of the panel or the audio or the panel, if you are going to be working, editing videos, designing user interfaces, preparing classes and reports.

Mac mini M1

Another solution is to use external speakers like two HomePods, either the HomePod mini or the original HomePods, and even other third-party speakers to improve the audio quality and obtain a result according to a device of its level. By way of conclusion, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, we do not understand how Apple allows a device as interesting as the Mac mini to have a serial failure so serious and that it perpetuates it over time, regardless of whether you need an external monitor, since Mac Studio also needs a monitor and has exquisite audio quality.

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