the big winner of 2021 is … not Google!

DuckDuckGo often presents itself as an “anti-google” capable of offering a similar service, with a promise, plus confidentiality.

More and more people are concerned about the trace they leave on the internet and the use that may be made of their personal data. If the number of these “informed” is increasing, the year 2021 marks a real break in their growth, in a good sense. No wonder then to see apps that make privacy their trademark gaining thousands of users over the past 12 months.

The best-known example of this change is surely Signal, a secure messaging application, completely unknown to the general public less than a year ago and which is now one of the references. Following the various scandals that have affected Facebook and its WhatsApp application, an extraordinary migration of users has taken place, for the most part taking refuge in the safe mesh of Signal.

Search engines: Google, then the others

The California app has gained from the downfall of its mentor and rival WhatsApp, but it’s not the only one. Indeed, on the search engine side things are also changing. If Ecosia’s ecological model still has its small success, no one manages to compete with the great Google, which seems unbeatable.

Behind it is the crowd. Everyone goes for their little functionality, their “little extra” to afford new users. So when it comes to confidentiality, a much sought-after option in 2021, there are many names that come to mind. Among them is DuckDuckGo, seen by many as the safest of search engines.

2021, the launching pad for a record 2022 year?

According to the site Bleeping Computer, the growth of the company is 47% in terms of the number of users. Today DuckDuckGo is 100 million searches per day. A figure that Google reaches in just… 26 minutes.

But while the search engine is experiencing record growth, it intends to capitalize on it for 2022. Indeed, the company from Pennsylvania will launch a browser next year, and according to the first tests, it would be more faster still than Chrome.

This step is eagerly awaited internally after years of work to develop a browser that is able to compete with the best solutions available on the market today. Today DuckDuckGo lives off its affiliations with popular e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay, but also from the advertising offered by Microsoft Advertising.

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