The Biggest Genres in Gaming

Whether the interest is within console gaming, more handheld options with the growth of mobile, or the booming PC market and its biggest esports titles, there are a huge wealth of different genre options to fit the needs of a huge range of different players – it has enabled gaming to grow into the powerhouse it is today and move away from a more niche interest to something enjoyed globally by billions of people. More casual titles like online casinos with many other options online have been amongst the faster growing over the past two years, and long running classics with puzzlers and platformers will often be the go-to choice for those seeking out something familiar, but what are the biggest genres in gaming across all platforms?

MOBA leads the way for online play

With the huge successes over the years found by two of the biggest games in the world, League of Legends and DotA2, it’s no surprise that for online play MOBA games lead the way. Whilst they have had a limited run of success on mobile outside of the Eastern market, it is by quite some margin the biggest genre in the world across all platforms boasting hundreds of millions of players and represented gaming on the global stage in a huge way.

Shooter games offer a good mix of casual and competitive play

Longer standing online games like Counter-Strike and newcomers like Valorant have become the esports giants for this genre, but also well represented in more causal-competitive games like Call of Duty and all of the casual titles that come along in the shooter genre too. Given there’s also a big cross-over with action/adventure games that incorporate many shooter styles too, there’s often a tried and tested formula that always works for the biggest shooter releases.

The Biggest Genres in Gaming

Simulation games are on the rise

Often something much more enthusiast level, simulation games have been finding widespread success with big releases and with more publicity too – seeing motorsports athletes turn to simulation platforms in recent years with livestreaming certainly encouraged fans to give the biggest racing sim games a chance, but others like Farming Simulator, Flight Simulator, and Train sims have been popular for a long period of time amongst those who are passionate. They often come with the downside of being quite expensive to buy all of the additional extras but offer something much more unique than many other games do.

As gaming continues to transition further into the mobile landscape and away from others, it is widely expected that this balance of genres will change quite drastically yet and numbers shift every year, but no matter the preference, it’s an exciting time for all gamers exploring the newest offerings in all genres.

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