The Black Widow is angry and denounces Disney

The black widow gets angry

It seems that the Simultaneous premiere of Black Widow it has brought collateral damage of all kinds. To the movie theaters affected by the collection, it must be added that the main actress herself seems not to be happy with the decision to take the film directly to Disney +, since according to the lawsuit she has filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Disney would have violated one of the rules stipulated in the contract.

According to the lawsuit, “Disney intentionally breached the Marvel deal, without justification, to prevent Ms. Johansson from realizing the full benefit of her deal with Marvel.” The actress’s lawyer assures that regardless of what the company wants, “it has an obligation to honor its contracts.”

Why are you demanding now?

Black widow

That Black Widow was going to be released simultaneously in theaters and on Disney + through Premium Access was something we already knew for a long time, so the gesture of reporting the company weeks after the premiere is quite obvious. It is very possible that, after seeing the collection, Johansson has been scammed by the situation, and is that, of the 218 million dollars raised in the first weekend of the premiere, only 60 million came from Disney +.

Is Disney taking all the Disney + money? It is very possible. Most likely, the contract talks about distributing proceeds from movie theaters, so Disney takes all the money raised from its streaming service clean of dust and straw.

Scarlett’s salary, depending on the collection of cinemas, would have been limited by the appearance of the premiere on Disney + (WSJ speaks of 50 million losses), hence the actress is currently very upset to see how the money you expected to receive is much less than agreed.

Disney feels insulted

Disney, through a spokesman, was surprised and disappointed, assuring that the lawsuit has no merit and that it is “especially sad and distressing because of its callous disregard for the horrible and prolonged global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.” . “Disney has fully complied with Ms. Johansson’s contract, and in addition, the launch of Black Widow on Disney + with Premium Access has significantly enhanced her ability to earn additional compensation beyond the $ 20 million she has received to date. date”.

The most interesting thing is that the simultaneous release model is actually a measure that proposes new proposals and options to the end user, which is fine, but apparently it is leaving a legal vacuum that leaves the actors and producers in a bad place, who see money where ever, in movie theaters. We’ll see how this all ends.

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