The bloody TikTok viral that’s taking a toll on Dyson’s reputation

The number of memes, dances, challenges and, in general, absurd things that are shared on TikTok reaches unsuspected levels, but the worst is when content goes viral and everyone begins to replicate it without stopping to think about what they are sharing or what you are actually copying (basically the basic tenet of the internet since it was born). Well, that is exactly what is happening with this video.

killer hand dryer

In TikTok many users are replicating a video that ensures that you will stop seeing the famous with the same eyes Dyson ultra fast hand dryer. the famous AirBlade It is a hand dryer that we can find in many public places and that, with its peculiar pressurized air system, creates a particularly powerful air current that is capable of removing the water impregnated on your hands and drying the rest of the moisture that remains on them in a matter of seconds.

It is another one of those Dyson devices that surprises with its technology and efficiency, however, it seems that a video is changing the vision of many users. As we can see in the social network, we only have to search for publications that use the song original sound – AM_Edits104 to see all the related videos.


thanks españita #fyp #as #chile #handdrier watch the audio

♬ original sound – AM_Edits104

The videos in question say something along the lines of “Thanks TikTok, I’m never going to use one of these again,” and show a recording of a Dyson AirBlade dryer that the uploader himself found somewhere. . So far everything normal, however, the secret of this fashion seems to be in the first video that was uploaded with said song.

And it is that the outstanding publication among all those that use the song original sound – AM_Edits104 shows a clip in which you can see one of these dryers modified with a dangerous blade that is responsible for cutting the hands of anyone who decides to dry them. But is it real?

What is the origin of the video?


glad this trend came back tbh #as #adultswim #handdryer #handdryers #handryer #edits #edit #follow

♬ original sound – AM_Edits104

Obviously we are dealing with an edited video that a graphic artist published a year ago on Reddit, with which he showed the progress of his project made in C4D and Octane. It is a scene that could easily appear in any movie of the Saw saga, and luckily it is nothing more than an imaginary work (macabre, yes), that remains on the internet.

From there, the famous user AdultSwim decided to use it to create a Tiktok as a joke that, thanks to its 4.7 million followers, soon spread across the network. AdultSwim is known for creating many videos that end up being shared massively on the networks, and although we couldn’t find said publication on his profile, the video does bear his personal stamp [AS] (We don’t know if it was originally or intentionally included by another secondary account. Whatever the case, what really matters is that the video is being shared a lot, and we don’t know to what extent so much joke of the cut will affect the image of the hand dryer And it is that the air comes out under pressure, but so much…

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