The BOE publishes the bases for the digital kit, but nothing can be done yet

One day before the end of 2021, the BOE published the bases that regulate the concession of aids from the Digital Kit, managed by and that will distribute billions between SMEs and Spanish self-employed. The ignorance of the Administration bureaucracy and the desire to opt for this program, both as a provider and as a beneficiary, has led many to think that this meant the starting gun to “sign up” as a digitizing agent.

Nothing is further from reality. It is an important step, but only one more, of the long road that usually surrounds this type of procedure. According to Pedro Robles, founder of Fandit, on his Linkedin, «For now, neither the application nor the homologation can be submitted. For this, the different calls have to be published. First for agents and then for applicants.

In the BOE order we find some novelties interesting for future digitizing agents. The Fandit founder sums it up this way:

  • Companies must have a cumulative turnover of 100,000 euros in the last two years or 50,000 euros in the previous year. Is about an improvement in conditions that were published, provisionally, on and that we told you about here. With these changes, more small companies or with lower turnover, will be able to become digitizing agents.
  • In the case of the self-employed, they must have a cumulative turnover of 70,000 euros in the last two years, or 35,000 euros in the previous year.

What does the BOE say about the digital bond?

Companies that want to access this digital bonus, which will be a maximum of 12,000 euros on account of European funds, will have to take the digital self-diagnostic test found on the Acelerapymes website. The result will tell you the scan area to reinforce. You will then have to choose the services contained in the “Catalog of Program Digitization Solutions”, which has yet to be configured.

On the other hand, the BOE indicates that the bond will not be effective until the Digitizing Agent (which has been duly approved on the official AceleraPymes platform) «present the supporting account of the performance of the activity for which the subsidy is awarded»On behalf of the beneficiary. After which, the corresponding body will consider the subsidy justified.

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The beneficiary companies will be divided into three groups, with different amounts, requirements and times to qualify for the aid:

  • SMEs and freelancers between 10 and 50 employees: they will be able to access up to 12,000 euros of digital bonus.
  • SMEs and freelancers between three and 10 employees: they will be able to access up to 6,000 euros of digital bonus.
  • SMEs and freelancers between one and less than three employees: they will be able to access up to 2,000 euros of digital bonus.

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