The Boys Diabolical: announced the animated spin-off of the Amazon series

With a video message from Karl Urban, the actor who plays Billy Butcher’s The Boys, Amazon Prime video announced the arrival of Diabolical, animated series spin-off of the show based on the comic by Garth Ennis And Darick Robertson.

The Boys Diabolical will be an anthology series consisting of 8 episodes, all set in the universe of the saga and linked to the events of the parent series.

8 diabolical animated episodes arrive with the spin-off The Boys Diabolical

According to the words of the New Zealand actor, this spin-off will be completely crazy, more diabolical and without rules.

There is no doubt that you are the best fans in the world. To thank you in a special way, we have a little surprise for you all coming next year.

While we’re working hard on Season 3, producers Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have asked some of their distinguished friends to prepare 8 delightful and unique animated episodes that tell the story of The Boys universe.

We could call them diabolical.

The animated series The Boys Diabolical is even almost ready, given that the same Rogen and Goldberg have revealed that they have almost finished working on this spin-off whose inspiration is due to Animatrix:

Surprise! We are almost done working on 8 episodes of our animated series, Diabolical.

We’ve brought together some amazing artists with one rule… Let’s joke, there are no rules. They literally outdid themselves, making 8 fun, shocking, violent, bloody, thrilling and completely unexpected episodes.

Do you think The Boys is amazing? Wait to see it.

It’s since we saw Animatrix, the series of animated short films told in the world of The Matrix, that we wanted to do something like this.

Today that dream has come true.

When is The Boys Diabolical released?

No further details have been provided on the show, except for the fact that the release date of The Boys Diabolical is set in the course of 2022, as revealed by Karl Urban.

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