The camera module of the iPhone 13 Pro is giving problems

The gigantic camera module of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

Apple usually keeps the design of its devices for about two years or so. Sometimes it stretches it a little more according to the renewal cycles of each product, but the usual thing is that it is around 24 months.

Thanks to these periods between redesign and redesign, accessory manufacturers and users themselves can more amortize their investments. Especially for the latter if they are one of those who change their device every year. Although this is not always the case and these new iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are generating some headaches even for Apple itself.

The cameras module of said iPhone has changed, now it’s much bigger and that can be seen with the naked eye. From the point of view of its photographic and video recording capabilities it is great, but not for other things. Which? The compatibility of different accessories, both third-party and official.

The iPhone 13 Pro and the dual charging dock

The first “problem” was already commented on by La Manzana Mordida: the base MagSafe Duo does not fit perfectly with the design of the iPhone 13 Pro. As it has a larger camera module, due to the position of the MagSafe system on the back of the phone and the dimensions of the duo charging base, it does not make contact on its entire surface.

Solution? Well, assume that it will be less aesthetic, although with a cover it does not generate many problems so that the load is done correctly, or wait for the company to launch a new version and buy it again.

The Backbone gamepad and its 3D printed adapter

Other accessory case that theoretically should be compatible with the new iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, but that do not quite fit perfectly as they did with the previous generation: the Backbone game controller.

This again, due to the dimensions of the camera module, is not as it should and that causes small problems in the user experience. Although here luckily there is a solution from the company: aadapter that can be printed with a 3D printer.

Backbone announced that to solve this problem due to the size of the camera module of the new iPhones, it will create a piece that users can print on their own. They do not offer it themselves because due to the supply limitations and the problems that still drag on from COVID-19 it is impossible.

So they have put it as an open source 3D printable file. Anyone with access to a 3D printer can download and use it. Likewise, users who do not have one can contact Backbone support and they will do their best to send them one.

The price of a better camera

These are small problems that many users will gladly accept in exchange for a camera module that offers better results. In addition, for Apple users they may be relatively new drawbacks (despite the fact that something similar was already happening with the renewal of the iPad Pro and its double cameras), but it is usual in other brands that make it impossible to take advantage of many specific accessories. Reason why also the accessories catalog for iPhone is so wide compared to other brands.

However, what hurts the most is that for Apple, which cares so much for design, this detail has been missed with its MagSafe Duo. Or they didn’t miss it and they assumed that it is what it is, but spending what that double magazine costs and now that it is as it is is not pleasant.

For all this, if you are going to buy an accessory right now for your new iPhone 13, make sure that small changes in dimensions do not affect. Especially if it is a remote to play with the phone. Although in that case it is still more interesting to bet on the Xbox or PlayStation controller, although there is not as much Nintendo Switch as this or other similar options.

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