The Canon EOS R3 is able to focus right where you look

New Canon EOS R3

Canon announced a few months ago that it was developing a new mirrorless camera. It was the Canon EOS R3, a new member of the EOS R family whose audience could be said to be the same as the Canon EOS 1D. In other words, users who need image quality, but above all a very high speed and reliability to achieve perfectly focused images in situations where speed and dynamism prevail.

So, knowing this, we are going to see everything that this new Canon proposal offers that will not be for everyone, but that does have a lot to offer for those users who expected a solution of this type from the brand.

Ergonomic design and with good finishes

The Canon EOS R3 is a camera of generous dimensions if one takes into account that it is a mirrorless one and is compared with models of the family such as the EOS R5 and EOS R6 that we have been able to analyze here. Although looking at the specifications it seems to be also lighter than other similar SLR proposals.

Another section that seems well resolved is ergonomics. Between that small weight reduction and the built-in double grip, everything points to the fact that it should be a comfortable camera to use on a day-to-day basis, especially in situations where you quickly switch between vertical or horizontal photos and need to be as comfortable as possible for hours.

Otherwise, with a sealed body and resistant to dust and splashes, the Canon EOS R3 offers a quality finish that is up to the expectations of a proposal that is aimed mainly at the professional sector.

Ah, one last detail, by the design itself you can use a high capacity battery with which to forget a little more about thinking about recurring changes.

Canon EOS R3: technical characteristics

The new Canon camera integrates a series of technical innovations that make it a quite special camera. First, because it is aimed at a professional audience and not so much the consumer or even prosumer. Second, because it includes a series of very striking technologies.

To start the Canon EOS R3 introduces a new 24.1 MP Full Frame CMOS sensor. Thanks to it, it will not be the camera with the highest resolution of the brand, but it will be one of the most effective for the type of photography for which it is mainly intended.

So you will have enough quality and also good performance when it comes to burst shooting. And it is that it can reach bursts of 30 photos when using the electronic shutter and up to 12 with the mechanic with AE / AF and 14 bit without processing. If you add to that the ability to shoot up to 540 photos in jpeg and 150 in RAW, it doesn’t seem like a bad option for sports photography, right?

In addition to resolution issues and moving to the video section, the Canon EOS R3 is capable of capturing 6K video at 60 fps and 4K video up to 120 fps if you want. That is to say, two types of video clips that can give a lot of play together with the CRM (Cinema RAW) format and the Canon color science that has always been so popular. And beware, there is no time limitation, nor a priori heating.

The sensor in turn is stabilized, being able to compensate up to 8 steps. So photos in low light, where the aperture and shutter time are high should be better. Although all this type of affirmations better to leave them for a test of the product.

What can be measured is the viewfinder quality, which shares specifications with that of the EOS R5 and that frankly looked very good. Although this has a little secret that has to do with the camera’s focus system and which we will talk about later.

The screen is folding And you can rotate to better suit your needs according to the position of the camera to take a photo or record a video. And with its 4.15 million points of resolution, it is also one of the best on the market. For example, compared to the EOS R5, it doubles it in resolution.

With a wide variety of buttons, the Canon EOS R3 will be an easy camera to use and especially fast when it comes to adjusting different parameters quickly through all of them. You will only have to know and personalize those that you allow to change to the user’s taste.

Of course, the most striking thing can come with the new focus system that they have incorporated into the viewfinder and called as Eye Control AF. This consists of a new technology that is capable of following your eye to know that you are looking at the scene. With such information apply focus to the point you look at. That is, where you put your eye you can focus.

Regarding the automatic focus system, it must be said that it is not only capable of actively following a person’s body, their face, their eyes or even animals. Now it is also capable of vehicle tracking. Yes, something very strange at first, but with meaning for the public to which it is again mainly intended.

An expensive camera, but not that expensive

The Canon EOS R3 is a very interesting camera for all this and many other details. And surely there are more things that will only be seen when the first units begin to arrive at the hands of their respective new designs.

Now how much will this new camera cost? Well, it must be said that its price is high, but compared to other options from the competition or within the brand itself, it is not as much as it may seem.

The Canon EOS R3 will be priced for the body only 6,299 euros. High right? Yes, but the Canon EOS R5 cost 4,599 euros at launch and the Canon EOS 1Dx Mark III went up to 7,420 euros.

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