The Canon R5 will see double with this lens to record VR video

Create VR content with the Canon EOS R5

The Canon EOS R5 is a real beast, a camera that when we were able to analyze it we already realized that it had a lot of potential for both photo and video. And that we were also aware of the problems it suffered and continues to suffer due to poor management of the internal temperature, which prevents recording at maximum quality for long periods of time.

Still, that can’t make us forget about everything it has to offer. Although it is likely that very few expected this that the brand has just announced now: the first EOS VR system. A new lens composed of two fisheye lenses that together with a 5.2mm focal length and f2.8 maximum aperture is capable of capturing stereoscopic video with the use of a single sensor, the 48 MP one of the EOS R5.

The EOS VR system is an objective that makes use of the RF mount to be used with Canon’s new mirrorless cameras, although only the Canon EOS R5 will be able to take advantage of it as it will receive the necessary firmware update to interpret the captured material. Because you will have in a single file what the left and right lens will see, so you have to know how to handle this stereoscopic information to later create the video that can be viewed in virtual reality glasses.

This that seems simple is not, but from Canon they seem to be very satisfied with what has been achieved and it is not for less. Because thanks to this EOS VR System, image “stitching” processes as well as synchronization processes are avoided so that the virtual reality material is as real as possible when viewed through VR glasses.

Live and delayed virtual reality

In order to generate all this virtual reality material the Canon EOS R5 will receive a firmware update that will allow you to understand what it is that you are capturing with this particular new lens or system, as they call it.

Of course, the Canon EOS R5 will not only capture stereoscopic material for later viewing afterwards. Canon is also working on two software solutions that, through a subscription model, will allow all this content to be managed and created even for live broadcasts.

That is, there will be Canon EOS Utility updates and a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that will allow to take that material that the camera captures live to convert it into equirectangular footage and broadcast it live or make edits from it.

The cost of creating VR video

Already known the EOS VR system the question now will be how much it costs to be able to have this creative option. Well, the answer is that this Canon RF 5.2mm f2.8 L Dual Fisheye will be priced at $ 1,999 and will be available from December 2021.

Along with this objective and for the same dates will arrive the software and plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro under said subscription model, although here the final prices have not yet been revealed.

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